Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough

Last Updated on 6 July, 2022

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – All the routes & characters – Unlock everything using this step by step guide

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Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Mary

  1. Morning: Talk to mary (home) > go to Dojo > Interact with Haru and get (Agility Level 1)
  2. Midday: Talk to Mary (Chicken Pen) > Go to Raylene’s Bar > Work > Serve Drinks (Charm Level 1)
  3. Evening: Your room > Mary bathing > Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink > Go Sleep (Home)
  4. Morning: Talk to mary (home) > go to Dojo > Train Agility
  5. Midday: Talk to Mary (Chicken Pen) > Chicken Locations: (Agility Level 2)
    • By the Dojo
    • By the Inn.
    • Behind the Library
  6. Evening: Your room > Mary bathing > Go to Raylene’s Bar > Serve Drinks
  7. Morning: Breakfast
  8. Midday: Go to Raylene’s Bar > Serve Drinks
  9. Evening: Your room > Kiss Scene > Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink (Charm Level 2)
  10. Morning: Talk to mary (home) > Breakfast
  11. Midday: Help out with Chickens > Mary bathing > Go to the Bar and Lift Barrels
  12. Morning: Mary > Bath
  13. Midday: Go to the Bar and Lift Barrels (Strength Level 2)
  14. Evening: Mary > Sleep
  15. Morning: Talk to Mary > Sleep
  16. Morning: Breakfast
  17. Midday: Help Mary
  18. Evening: Mary
  19. Mary’s Realm Mini game: Capture her hear and avoid being near or spotted by all the Marys
  20. Morning: Talk to Mary
  21. Evening: Mary Bath
  22. Morning: Talk to Mary
  23. Night: Talk to Mary (outside her room)
  24. Morning: Talk to mary
  25. Midday: Roselyn’s house > get the costume > give it to Mary
  26. Evening: Mary bath
  27. Minigame: Same as the previous one
  28. Morning: Talk to Mary > Explore
  29. Midday: near the Forest on your way to Roselyn > Talk to mary > Follow the dirt trail
  30. Forest lever Puzzle:
    1. Have mary hold one othe the 3 lower levers
    2. Pull (you) the middle lever
    3. Have mary hold one othe the 3 lever sabove
    4. Pull (you) the middle lever
    5. Get the pendant
  31. Minigame: Pull the 2 levers, get the heart, pull the new 2 levers, get the heart and the chest
  32. Night: Sleep > Check her out > Sleep
  33. Morning: Talk to Mary about the pendant > Check the sparkle (kitchen) > Talk to Mary > Evelyn’s shop > Talk to her about the date > SAVE to check both: outdoor & night > Explore the woods > Mary bath
  34. Morning: Evelyn > supplies for the date > Mary begin the date > Minigame (interact with both switches)
  35. Extra events:
    1. Evening (Mary bath)
    2. Make her wear the adventure outfit > then at night Sleep in
    3. after completing Roselyn’s route > Fountain in Valencia > Buy wine from Evelynn, buy a ndle from witch and talk to Roselyn in the evening

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Roselyn

  1. Morning: Ralk to Rose (her home or goddess fountain)
  2. Midday: Raylene’s Bar > Serve Drinks (Charm Level 1)
  3. Dinner, sleep, breakfast & lunch
  4. Evening: Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink > Sleep
  5. morning > Talk to Rose
  6. Midday: Raylene’s Bar > Serve Drinks
  7. Evening: Read magazine, be caught red handed
  8. Midday: Roselyn’s home > Ask for practice > Kiss scene > Serve Drinks
  9. Evening: Read magazine > Sleep
  10. Midday: Roselyn’s home > Kiss scene > New Lesson
  11. Roselyn’s Realm Mini game: Capture her hear and avoid being near or spotted by all the Roselyns (red switches to de spawn rose)
  12. Evening: Rose (Bar) > Read up > Sleep
  13. Morning: Talk to Rose
  14. Midday: Visit Roselyn and ask for variation
  15. Evening: Read magazine (Charm level 3) > Sleep
  16. Morning: Talk to Rose
  17. Night: Rose > Next lesson
  18. Minigame: Get hearts to unlock areas
  19. Morning: Roselyn
  20. Night: Library > Fireplace (interact)
  21. Minigame: Put the 4 books on their shelf > Get the book
  22. Morning: Go to Rose and hand the book
  23. Night: Visit Rose
  24. Minigame: Get the heart
  25. Morning: Rose > Rose’s upstairs
  26. Night: Visit Roselyn upstairs > behind the curtain > Ask for variation
  27. Morning: Library > talk to the librarian about the key > Rose’s storage room > use the key on the right side
  28. Pillar Puzzle:
    1. 1st: Lower left pillar
    2. 2nd: Right Pillar
    3. 3rd: Lower right pillar
  29. Goddess realm: Press Q or Page down to throw balls
  30. Nyx’s puzzle: burn all the web-like things and get the item
  31. Cave’s puzzle: get rid of the web like thing, move the left box up once and should be easy
  32. Morning: Rose
  33. Night: Rose

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Raylene

  1. Midday: Raylene (her bar) > Work on serving
  2. Evening: Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink > Sleep
  3. Midday: Raylene (her bar) > Work on serving
  4. Evening: Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink > Sleep
  5. Midday: Raylene (her bar) > Evelynn’s shop > Buy Wine > Give Raylene the bottle > Work Serving
  6. Evening: Roselyn’s house > Read 49 Shades of Pink > Sleep
  7. Morning: Raylene (her bar)
  8. Midday: Raylene (her bar) > outside the bar to the right, between the wood stack and the barrel
  9. Cellar level puzzle: Pick the lantern > Activate the switches > Get the Champagne (silver chest) > Open all the chests and collect everything > Pull the gold lever ( read the broken stone tablet beside the Gold Lever > Reset the levers and follow the stone tablet) > Reach Raylene’s bedroom
  10. Midday: Give champagne to Raylene > Work > Special Job
  11. Evening: Raylene > If you don’t have a wine bottle, buy one
  12. Night: Raylene > drink option
  13. Midday: Raylene > Special Job
  14. Night: Raylene > Drink
  15. Next Night: Raylene > Special Date
  16. Minigame: rescue Raylene and avoid all the other clones
  17. Minigame II: Find and interact with all the illuminate enhancing stones > Flip the gate’s lever > Rescue Raylene > Downstairs > Raylene’s bedroom > Talk to her
  18. Extras:
    • New bar event
    • Raylene’s door at night
    • Have Mary Wear the Adventure costume and visit Raylene during midday
    • Unlock octoberfest costume and check the morning scene variation

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Evelynn

  1. Morning: Talk to Evelynn (Shop) > Go to Valencia Cave (Requires Strength => 3) > Go to Dojo and train Agility
  2. Midday: Rest by the bench
  3. Evening: Dojo > Train Strength > Sleep (Repeat this step until strength = 3, you can also lift barrels (bar))
  4. Evening: Akane > Pass the aptitude test at night to get the Gauntlet > Sleep
  5. Midday: Pass Haru’s aptitude test (requires agility = 3) and sleep
  6. Morning: Valencia Cave > Get the Ruby Fragment > Talk to Evelynn > Talk to Evelynn again > Exploring > Red Bounday Door
  7. Valencia Coast > Temple (left) > Kiss Scene
  8. Enter the temple > Puzzle: Place the right boulder into the hole, do the same with the lower left boulder > Upper left and lower right boulders require to go down the ladder
  9. Basement puzzle:
    1. Go where right boulder was, go upstairs, get boulder 3
    2. Go where lower left boulder was > mode onto the golden plate
    3. (outside) Get 8 gold from golden chest > go to the vines
    4. Move upper left boulder to the silver plate
    5. Move lower right boulder onto the newly silver plate > then move it onto the yellow button
    6. Go upstairs and go through the previously locked door
  10. Evening: Evelynn > Sleep
  11. Morining: Evelyn’s shop > Temple > Chamber
  12. Minigame: reach the golden heart > Interact with evelynn like being
  13. Evening: Evelynn (shop)
  14. Night: Evelynn (shop) > Behind the curtain

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Akane

  1. Morning: Dojo
  2. Midday: edge of the river overlooking the Blue Boundary > Talk to Akane
  3. Reach Strength level 3
  4. Midday: Akane (Dojo) > Special training > Talk to Akane (Dojo) > Next special training
  5. Akane’s Training Zone: be stealthy to get passed all Akane Shadows & collect all the Exam tokens > Return to Dojo
  6. Midday: Talk to Akane (outside) > Talk to her again
  7. Guarded Fortress: Get both iron chests for Strength potion & Bottle of wine) > Escape > Rest until evening and visit her (dojo)
  8. Akane’s realm: avoid any and all gazes of the shadows and gain all the hearts to melt Akane’s heart!
  9. Extras:
    • Visit Akane/Haru’s room in the morning > Talk to Akane again
    • After End game: Talk to akane > buy x2 rope from Evelynn > Give them to Akane

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Haru

  1. Morning: Dojo > Talk to haru
  2. 1st Mission: (Haru) Stand on the red button > (MC) move him passed the spikes > (haru) stand on the blue button > (MC) stand on the green switch > (haru) Interact with the green button > Flip the grey switch > (Haru) Green button > (MC) Flip the yellow switch > (haru) Flip the purple switch > Interact with Haru
  3. Midday: Talk to Haru near the fountain
  4. Reach Agility level 3 (Train with Haru & help mary with the chickens) and pass haru’s aptitude test
  5. Next morning: Talk to haru for 2nd mission > complete it (quite easy)
  6. Valencia: takl to haru (fountain)
  7. Next morning: Dojo > Sakura Flower:
    • Sakura Flower: you will need to get the Emerald Fragment to gain access to the Forest by going through Mary’s Questline until she gives you the fragment or complete Evelynn’s Questline to gain the Goddess Slice from Minerva to get the fragment in the Mysterious Path
  8. Morning: Talk to Haru > Give her Sakura Flower > Team Building to return to Angel’s peak
  9. Cooperate with the shadow to win Haru’s Heart
  10. Puzzle: (haru) 1st red button > (MC) blue button > (haru) 2nd red button > (haru) 1st green button > (MC & haru) flip blue switches > from here should be easy

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Fae

  1. Morning: Fae (library) > Study
  2. Midday: Flora > help her with plants > enter shop > help her
  3. Repeat the previous steps until intelligence =  2, also train strength when you have spare time
  4. Morning: Fae > Valencia Coast Entrance > read the tablet > Go back with Fae (repeat this step intul intelligence = 3)
  5. Morning: Fae
  6. Start increasingAgility to level 3, you are required to get from Akane and Haru, the Bronze Gauntlet and Angel’s Feather to reach Pirate’s Cove. Go buy Rope from Evelynn and get the Amethyst Fragment from the well near the Purple Boundary, and at night go into the Haunted Woods to the Spider’s Den and interact with the Tablet to get some lore
  7. Read both tables > talk to Fae > tutor lesson
  8. Morning: Fae > Increase intelligence to level 5, Passion to 3 (goddess dive from Minerva) & lust 3 (Aquamarine fragment
  9. Morning: Fae > Snowy ridge > Mausoleum > Tablet > Destroy the barrier > Valencia Forest > Enter the pond > Flower Meadow > Second Tablet > Go back with Fae

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Sera

  1. Morning: Sera (Inn) > Wake her up > Accept the task
  2. Basement puzzle: Move lower right box > move the box between the previous box and the stone to the left > get the key > give it to Sera > Talk to Sera again
  3. Morning: Sera (Inn) > Wake her up > Accept the task
  4. Solve the 2nd puzzle > give the reward to sera > Go upstairs, room 201 > Talk to Sera
  5. Morning: Sera (Inn) > Wake her up > Accept the task > Top floor
  6. Solve the 3rd puzzle > give the reward to sera > talk to Sera Again

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Maya

  1. Morning: Maya (Mineshaft) > Talk to her > Purchase the map > Examine the map > Find the trees on the map in Valencia > Find the treasure spot
  2. Talk to maya again > purchase the map > Valencia’s Maze Garden > Find the treasure spot
  3. Again talk to Maya > Buy the map >Valencia’s Cave (requires the Gauntlet > reach strength = 3 & Train with Akane)
  4. Buy the next map (Maya) > Valencia’s Coast (requires Angel’s feather & Ruby Fragment)
  5. Last treasure Map: Snowy Ridge (requires getting the aquamarine fragment from getting lust = 3)

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Flora

  1. Meet Flora (the florist) > Talk to her again
  2. Flowers quest in Valencia Garden maze: Requires Goddess slice (minerva), Bronze gauntlet & Angel’s feather
  3. Give Flora the flowers
  4. Next day: talk to Flora > Garden Maze > Use the pesticide on the fungus > Gorgon Spirits Locations:
    • The tree behind Flora’s Shop, a Gorgon hides.
    • In the Bunny Manor, a Gorgon Spirit hides in the room on the right.
    • In Autumn Woods, a Gorgon Spirits hides in plain sight.
    • South of Home, where the Emerald Fragment can be found, a Gorgon Spirit hides in the trees.
    • At the back of the Inn, near where you go to Valencia Coast, aGorgon Spirit hides under the Inn roof.
    • In Raylene’s bar, a Gorgon Spirit hides behind some boxes to the
  5. Return to the statue > Enter
  6. Give Flora the last flower

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Wild Forest

Requires the Emerald Fragment: Mary’s questline or +1 passion and talking to Minerva to gain Goddess slice

Mysterious Path Entrance: South of home or east from green barrier

Tana Walkthrough

  1. Morning: Forest > righ > slice the pesky vine > Talk to Tana > Ask her about the mission
  2. 1st Mission: lear down 10 vines avoiding the green goo girls > Choose any
  3. 2nd mission: talk to tana > start the mission > go southwest and avoid the pink & blue goo girls
  4. Get between the orange goo girl knights > Interact with the rookie knight x3 times > Enter goo kingdom > Push the boulder > open the chest > Audience with the slime queen > Cut the vine > green chest > Interact with the shadow vortex > Defeat the monster > Go back o the slime queen > Go back with Tana
  5. Last mission: Talk to tana > find the scarecrows and avoid all goo girls (x3 scarecrows far right – up, middle & down – x1 scarecrow far left and x1 scarecrow in the lower middle of the map

Slime Queen Walkthrough

  1. You will unlock everything after Tana’s 2nd mission

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Haunted Woods

Requires the Amethyst Fragment: in Valencia Well near the Purple Boundary (use the stone tablets to get clues)

Maria Walkthrough

Maria will be standing near the Purple Boundary at Night; you can talk to her there or transport to the Mansion

  1. You will unlock everything after completing Halloween of Horror

Auri Walkthrough

  1. Buy a rope from Evelynn shop
  2. Go to the Purple Boundary/ Haunted Woods door > Well > Place the rope > Go down > Get the Amethyst Fragment
  3. Night: Haunted Woods > Right > Potion shopt > Talk to Auri > Walk forward
  4. 1st Puzzle: Interact with the x3 ligts (x2 red & x1 blue)
  5. 2nd puzzle: Interact with the highest blue light, interact with the highest red light and follow Auri
  6. 3rd Puzzle: Interact with the upper right red light, interact with the middle red ligfht, interact with the blue light and fololow Auri
  7. Auri’s home > Kiss scene
  8. Options menu > Items > Mythical Potion > Use it
  9. Re-enter the portal and go up to sparkling looking hole

Ragash Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Ragash after endgame for a surprise

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Valencia Coast

Requires the Ruby Fragment: in Valencia Cave near the Red Boundary, left of Library (Pink -ish ‘rocks’)

Mermaid Queen Walkthrough

Requires: Passion level = 3, and talked to Minerva for the mission to save the Mermaid Kingdom

  1. Buy rope from Evelynn
  2. Valencia Coast > south of Boundary door > Dive into the whirpool
  3. Reach and talk to the mermaid queen > interact with the Crystal pillar > knock down the 2nd crystal pillar and break the last ice pillars to reach the Queen’s throne room
  4. Talk to Mermaid Queen >  Get your energy to 1 for an scene > Go right to pass the Siren’s trials
  5. Siren’s trials:
    • 1st trial: cut things that block your path
    • 2nd trial: wait 15 seconds
    • 3rd trial: use the rope
  6. Seal Room: Interact with the seal > shoot the red crystall balls > defeaf the creature
  7. Throne Room:
  8. Extra: Ask The guard that guards the Mermaid’s Queen’s bedchambers for “help”

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Snowy Ridge

Requires the Aquamerine Fragment: Lust Questline on The Goddess Page

Vera Walkthrough

  • beat the game and talk to Vera in Snowy Ridge (requires agility = 5)

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – The Godsesses

Minerva Walkthrough

  1. Interact with the sparkles near Valencia’s Water Fountain > go through the Mysterious Coin Quest
  2. Achieve Passion Level 1 to gain access to Goddess Slice
  3. Talk to Minerva about passion
  4. Go save the kingdom (Tana’s questline) > Talk to Minerva again
  5. Achieve Passion Level 2
  6. Achieve Passion Level 3 to get the Goddess Dive > Save the Mermaid Kingdom (Mermaid Queen Questline)
  7. Talk to Minerva

Loki Walkthrough

  1. Achieve Lust Level 1 and go to sleep > Choose any
  2. Get Lust Level 2 and go to sleep > Next day Night > Haunted woods > North from the swamp > Meet the subordinate > Sleep
  3. Achieve Lust Level 3 and go to sleep > Choose any > you will get the Aquamarine Fragment
  4. Next Morning: Snowy Ridge > Enter the area of Moth girls > exit the area > Broke the cracked wall >enter the building > Interact with the seal > Head back to Valencia > Church > Interact with the seal

Nyx Walkthrough

  1. After Endgame: Talk to Nyx at her restored fountain > Find Ares in the garden (right) > Talk to Nyx (requires Charm level 5 to progress)
  2. Gems locations:
    • 1st gem: Valencia Coast > temple > basement > jump on the rock platform > Topaz gem > give her the gem
    • 2nd gem: Haunted Woods Boulder Valley > Behind the 3rd boulder > give her the gem
    • 3rd gem: Valencia Wild Forest > get the quartz gem > give it to Nyx

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – End Game

Requires to complete both storylines (lust & passion)

  • Church: Interact with purple rift > Meet Vera > Follow the path > enter red portal > exit > 1st area
    1. Enter Blue Portal
    2. Chest: Red portal > Blue portal > Blue portal
    3. Lust Seal: Green portal > Yellow portal
    4. Retrace your steps
    5. Green portal > walk forward > Go back and enter the Purple portal to confront Ares
  • 2nd area:
    1. Interact with the silver heart
    2. Flip left switch
    3. Go left avoiding ares clones
    4. Interact with the 2nd silver heart
    5. Interact with the right switch
    6. Go to interact with the final silver heart
    7. Interact with the red heart (in the middle)

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