True Piece All Devil Fruits

True Piece All Devil Fruits

Last Updated on 1 August, 2022

True Piece All Devil Fruits – How to Get them and all the Devil Fruits – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Logia, Paramecia & Zoan

How to get Fruits?

These are the methods to unlock / obtain Devil Fruits in-game:

  • Buying them with 300 gems at the gem shop (gems are obtainable ingame)
  • Finding them in game, they can drop on any island every hour.
  • Buying them with 1,000,000 beli at alabasta (beli is available in game)
  • Buying them with 1000 ROBUX in the cash shop

Check the updated codes list for gems & drop boosts

True Piece All Devil Fruits – Legendary

There are x9 Legendary Devil Fruits – x1 Zoan, x6 Logia & x2 Paramecia:

  • Phoenix: Zoan Devil Fruit
  • Light: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Ice: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Magma: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Dark: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Lightning: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Fire: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Tremor: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • Gravity: Paramecia Devil Fruit

Of course the legendary devil fruits are the best, but they are also the hardest to get

True Piece All Devil Fruits – Epic

There are x6 Epic Devil Fruits – x1 Zoan, x1 Logia & x4 Paramecia:

  • Spino: Zoan Devil Fruit
  • Sand: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Mochi: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • String: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • Ope: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • Rubber: Paramecia Devil Fruit

Epic Devil Fruits are weaker than the legendary devil fruits, but easier to get, and stronger than the rare devil fruits

True Piece All Devil Fruits – Rare

There are x5 Rare Devil Fruits – x0 Zoan, x2 Logia & x3 Paramecia:

  • Smoke: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Snow: Logia Devil Fruit
  • Chop: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • Barrier: Paramecia Devil Fruit
  • Bomb: Paramecia Devil Fruit

Rare Devil fruits are the easiest to get, but they are weaker than the Epic & Legendary Devil Fruits

We will update this guide with the skills and movements of each devil fruit as soon as more information is available, or as soon as we have managed to unlock them all

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