True Piece All Races guide

True Piece All Races

Last Updated on 1 August, 2022

True Piece All Races – All the all races and their strengths – Fishman, Human, Cyborg & Skypean – compare them all and choose yours

If you need free race spins, check out the updated list of codes

True Piece All Races guide

Each race has an advantage over others and gives access to exclusive skills:

  • Fishman: Grants bonus movespeed in water & Access to fishman karate skills
  • Human: Humans have bonus movement speed & Allows access to the Black Leg race skills
  • Cyborg: Cyborgs are granted extra base health & Allows access to learning cyborg abilities
  • Skypean: Skypieans are granted an additional geppo charge & Access to race dial skills

How to change your True Piece Race?

When you start playing True Piece will be randomly assigned a race. But you can change it whenever you want, as long as you have race spins

From the main menu access the Edit Screen, then tap the race button to spin for a race. Keep spinning until you unlock the race of your choice. So of course the next question is how to get race spins

How to Get Race Spins?

A spin of races costs 50 Robux. But there is no need to spend real money or robux. The creators of the game release codes with free spins almost every day. At the beginning of this guide we have left you a link to an updated list of codes. You just have to check it every day or every two days, since the codes expire after three days

Race spins are a bit rarer than perk spins, but there are only four races, so we recommend you decide on one and try to get it as soon as there are codes that give race spins available

We hope this guide has been useful to you and you have achieved the breed you wanted

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