Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts

Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts – The fastest way to use all the emotes available in the Type Soul Roblox game

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Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts – Full List

These are all the emotes and their shortcuts

  • /e cheer: You will perform a joyful jump.
  • /e dance: You will showcase a variety of dance moves.
  • /e dance1: You will perform iconic Gangnam-style moves.
  • /e dance2: You will engage in lively arm waves.
  • /e dance3: You will demonstrate cheerleader-inspired moves.
  • /e sturdy: You will perform actions similar to the default dance.
  • /e lay: You will lie down flat on the ground.
  • /e wave: You will give a friendly wave.
  • /e laugh: You will burst into laughter.
  • /e rest: You will sit down and take a break.
  • /e rest2: You will sit down in an alternative position.
  • /e rest3: You will perform a squatting pose.
  • /e rest4: You will sit down in a cross-legged position.
  • /e cry: You will start crying.
  • /e caramell : Not sure about this emote, just try it!
  • /e lay : Not sure about this emote, just try it!

How to use shortcuts?

These are the steps to use emotes with shortcuts:

  1. Open the chat (top left corner)
  2. Enter any of the shortcuts
  3. Press Enter

About Type Soul

After becoming a Soul Reaper by speaking to the Kisuke NPC, you will spawn in Rukongai as a trainee.

To start progressing, make a party with the button on the left of the screen and then find a mission board to queue for missions. Make sure to learn flashstep in the speed skill tree for 0 skillpoints

After you rank up from Trainee to Grade 5, you will be able to equip the Senkaimon tool in your inventory to travel to the Soul Society.

From there, you can find division markers around the map by pressing , (Comma) and pick a division to join by speaking with the respective captain NPC.

When reaching Grade 2, you will now have access to obtain your Shikai.

In order to start the Shikai quest, you have to first meditate 3 times for 20 minutes each time. It will AUTOMATICALLY stand your character up when you finish 1 session.

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