Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Conquer Menos, Adjucar & Arrancar

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Conquer Menos, Adjucar & Arrancar. From Lost Soul to Vasto Lorde, enhance your skills with Hierro and Partial Resurrección, and dominate the game.

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Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Conquer Menos, Adjucar & Arrancar

In “Type Soul,” your journey as a Hollow commences as a Lost Soul. To ascend the stages, the progression path is:

  • Lost Soul -> Hollow -> Menoscar -> Adjuchas -> Vasto Lorde.

The Hollow character progression represents an enticing challenge. You start as a Lost Soul and journey through the stages of Hollow, Menos, Adjuchas, and finally Vasto Lorde. This detailed guide provides invaluable insights and tips for each stage, helping you navigate your Hollow’s progression skillfully.

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Transforming Into a Hollow

Your initial objective in the Roblox game “Type Soul” is to transform into a Hollow. Engage in combat with players or NPCs within the game world. Upon defeat, you experience a metamorphosis into a Hollow. To initiate this transformation, eliminate your character in combat and press CTRL + K.

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Ascending to a Menos

After attaining the Hollow stage, your next goal is to evolve into a Menos. The key to this transformation is defeating Hollows and absorbing their essence. This process earns you experience, eventually morphing you into a Menos. While you have the option to become a Menoscar, the recommended path is to continue progressing to Adjuchas for a more potent character.

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide: Progressing to Adjucar

Once you reach the Menos stage, advancing to the Adjuchas stage is your next step. Keep defeating Hollows and Menos to gain experience and ascend to the Adjuchas form. To reach your peak potential and evolve into a Vasto Lorde, you must first become an Adjuchas.

Tips for Progression

An important tip for Hollows is the ability to rip off your mask by pressing “CTRL + K” at any point. However, removing your mask early results in a weaker Arrancar form. As an Arrancar, you begin at Grade 5 and start ranking up. Acquiring the Flashstep skill and Hierro skill is recommended at this stage.

Your progression from Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1 relies mainly on mission EXP. Upon reaching Grade 2, a cero path from the Kido tree can be chosen, but be cautious as you can only learn one path.

Progressing from Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade necessitates a combination of mission EXP, Grip EXP, and Raid EXP. Your Hollow can change its weapon using a Hollow Box, either won in raids or purchased at the Karakura Town raid shop.


In “Type Soul,” activating Hierro increases your defense by 10% and lasts for a base duration of 10 hits. Enhance Hierro’s effectiveness with Hierro Plating, boosting your Hierro defense bonus from 10% to 15% with one plating and 21% with two platings.

Partial Resurrection

To obtain Partial Resurrección, you must reach Grade 2. After interacting with a specific NPC in Hueco Mundo, an item related to your Resurrección spawns somewhere in the game. After locating and delivering this item to the void pit, you begin an obby and unlock your partial resurrección skill.

About TYPE SOUL Hollow Progression

From becoming a Hollow, ascending to Menos, progressing to Adjuchas, and unlocking Hierro and Partial Resurrección, you now possess the knowledge to master your Hollow’s journey in the engaging universe of Roblox’s “Type Soul.” The path is challenging, but the rewards are immense. Unleash your Hollow potential and embrace the unique gaming experience “Type Soul” has to offer!

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