Unlock all Transformations Xenoverse 2

Unlock all Transformations Xenoverse 2

Last Updated on 23 December, 2021

Unlock all Transformations Xenoverse 2 – Easy guide. Unlock all the transformations for/with all the races of Drago Ball Xenoverse 2

You can unlock all transformations, but some of them are race’s exclusive, and to unlock some of them you will need certain race

Unlock all Transformations Xenoverse 2

These are all the transformations and how to unlock them:

  • Future Super Saiyan > Complete the last story mission after the credits with any character
  • Giant Form Complete > “Namekian Awakening!” in Guru’s House by reaching Lv35 > talk to Piccolo, then Nail, then Dende > Piccolo again (Namek)
  • Kaioken (x1/x3/x20) > Complete the Ultimate Finish in Parallel Quest 8 > Invade Earth with any character
  • Potential Unleashed > Complete the first 5 promotion exams in Conton City with a Z Rank > Complete the Super-Rank Exam > not restricted to any class
  • Power Pole Pro > Unlock and complete the Great Saiyaman missions until unlocked > an Earthling
  • Purification > In Buu’s House, feed Majin Buu enough food to create 3 family members, then talk to Majin Buu > must be a Majin
  • Super Saiyan (1/2/3) > Complete “Saiyan Awakening!” in Capsule Corporation > at Lv40 and talking to Vegeta, then Bulma, then Kid Trunks, and lastly Vegeta > Must be a Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan > Reach lvl 90 or higher > max out friendship with Whis. Note:If you want to max out Whis, you should probably wear Lord Beerus’ Clothes
  • Turn Golden > Complete Frieza’s Spaceship Quest 18 The Omnipotent Frieza > talk to Cooler and Frieza once > complete the next quest. Frieza race only
  • Super Saiyan God Super Sayian (Evolved) > Reach lvl 95 or higher > have max friendship with Vegeta. Talk to Whis and you will get it
  • Super Vegeta (1/2) > Complete the final mission against Vegeta in Capsule Corporation at Lv60. Must be a Saiyan

Max Friendship (Teachers & Instructors)

We should Max Our friendship with teachers. The teachers to whom we have to raise the friendship to the max are Goku, Gohan and Videl, Gotenks, Pan, and Vegeta

To raise friendship quickly and easily, we will have to go to the infinite story, in the nest of the temple.

You can increase friendship by completing missions. The more missions completed, the more friendship you will reach with the teacher you have selected.

So make sure that the teacher is your mentor and bring him with you before the quest search. It takes about 6 attempts to raise the master to the highest level.

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