Unlock Potential Unleashed Xenoverse 2

Unlock Potential Unleashed Xenoverse 2

Last Updated on 23 December, 2021

Unlock Potential Unleashed Xenoverse 2 – Easy Method – Awoken Skill used by adult Gohan Adult and all CaCs.

We will explain all the steps to achieve it. And later we leave you a couple of quick tutorials in case you have doubts with the two most complicated steps, find the dragon balls, and also maximize friendships in DB Xenoverse 2. Awoken Skill used by adult Gohan Adult and all CaCs.

Unlock Potential Unleashed Xenoverse 2 – Steps

These are the steps to unlock PU:

  1. Talk to elder Kai and take on his challenge quest (don´t need to complete them all)
  2. You need questions number 4, 6 and 13, those three quests will unlock the very first three advancement test
  3. Afterwards you need to unlock last three test: which are the chi class, god class and the super class
  4. Unlock the chi class: go and buy android 18
  5. Then Unlock the god class: go and fight with majin buu
  6. After that Unlock the super class: it is a bit different, go and fight Beerus
  7. Unlock the final test (requires all five previous test)
  8. Do all and you will be able to unlock potential unleashed

Potential Unleashed Xenoverse 2 – Visually & Boosts

Visually the transformation only grants user a white/transparent aura > although adult Gohan also glows slightly > his eyes get sharper > similarly to Super Saiyan and starts using another idle pose.

There are also some boosts: the transformation grants 15% damage boost, 5% damage resistance and 6.67% bonus Ki gain.


The transformation doesn’t debuff any way and gives a flat damage boost.

Is a decent skill all around for everyone that can be activated as soon as you have enough Ki.

Although the transformation is rather fast > it is still possible to break its activation Hyper Armor by perfect blocking the shockwave from it and using a charged attack.

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