Unturned Cheat Codes – How to redeem 2023

Unturned Cheat Codes How to redeem cheat codes

Last Updated on 29 January, 2023

Unturned Cheat Codes – Redeem Cheat Codes for some exclusive gifts or items like vehicles, animals, items, packs, and more

Redeem these Codes for some exclusive gifts like Items, Packs, and more

Unturned Cheat Codes – Full List

Each cheat can be entered using a forward slash (/) or the at symbol (@).

These are all the available Unturned Cheat Codes:

  • /give [ID]
  • /vehicle [ID]
  • /animal [ID]
  • /teleport [LOCATION]
  • /experience [#]
  • /day
  • /night
  • /time  [#]

The above list can be used as a quick reference to see what cheats are available. You should go to this site to find the ID of a specific item. I’ll go over what each of them accomplishes in greater detail below.

It makes no difference, so choose whichever one makes it easier for you to enter them in. You’ll need to use one of these commands and then add an ID or something else to it. I’ve added brackets and what you need to add to the hack, however when you enter the code, you DO NOT add the brackets or what’s inside them.

Unturned Item ID List

To check Unturned Items check this list > Here

Give command in Unturned

Will provide you with an item based on the ID you provide. If you want more than one of the goods, enter [ID/AMOUNT].

The ID identifies the item you desire, and the quantity reflects how many of it you want. The forward slash must be present between the two numbers.


  • /give 474/2 > Gives me two Maple Rifles

Vehicle in Unturned

  • /vehicle 2 > summons a Blue Offroader

Animal in Unturned

  • /animal 3 > summons a Wolf

Teleport in Unturned

By accessing the map, you can see all of the town names. You can also teleport to your destination.

  • /teleport [TOWN NAME] > teleport you to the town you enter.
  • /teleport WP > teleport you to your way-point.

Experience  in Unturned

  • /experience 1000 > 1.000 experience points

Day Night Time in Unturned

  • /day > changed to day
  • /night > changed to night
  • /time 200 > sets the time to 200

Unturned Social Media

We’ll keep this list of valid codes up to date, so keep following us as we’ll add each new code as soon as it’s available.

Unturned Mobile social media channels, the channels from which they announce the codes:

  • Facebook: ??
  • Twitter: ??
  • Instagram: ??
  • TikTok: ??
  • YouTube:
  • Discord: ??
  • GooglePlay:
  • Apple:
  • Web APK link

Although you do not need to follow them if you do not want to, we will keep the list updated

Unturned Cheat Codes – How to use?

These are the steps to redeem cheat codes

  1. You must first ensure that the ability to utilize cheats is enabled when you begin your new game.
  2. Because you’ll be performing this largely in single-player, be sure to click the Allow Cheat Codes box when creating your world
  3. Once it is verified, click the Play Offline button to begin playing the game.
  4. You must press the J key (this is the default; if you changed it, you must press that key instead)
  5. Which will open the chat window and allow you to enter the code from below.

About Unturned

If you just want to slaughter zombies and don’t want to deal with the tediousness that frequently comes with games like this, these cheats should assist.

Unturned includes only a few cheats, and the most of them involve using console commands to spawn or bring items into the game. There are a few things you can do that are actually cheats, such as teleport, gain experience, or modify the time of day. Remember that you can only use these if you’re playing single-player or if you’re the admin of the server you’re on!

Other Codes Guides

Also you can check other Code List, if you play any of these games. We recommend you to add in favourites webs (clicking Ctrl + D):

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