Valheim Resources Locations & How to get guide

Valheim Resources

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Valheim Resources Locations & How to get guide – Learn how and where to get every available resource (ores, food & ingredients) in the game

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Valheim Resources Locations & How to get guide

These are all the resources (ores, food & ingredients), learn how to get them because you will need them for most of the recipes. Some of them are drops (reward after killing an enemy), some of them are exclusive of certain biomes, and some of them require ingredients to be crafter, but they are also ingredients for other recipes:

  • Ancient Seed: Drop: Greydwarf brute & Shaman | Locations: Random chests
  • Blueberries: Locations: Bushes (Deep forest)
  • Coal: Drop: Surtlings | Craft: Charcoal klin (wood) & Cooking station (raw meat) | Locations: Random Chest & Altars (reward)
  • Cooked Meat: Craft: Cooking Station (raw meat)
  • Copper: Craft: Smelter (Copper Ore)
  • Copper Ore: Locations: Copper Veins (Deep forest) & random chests
  • Dandelion: Locations: The Shore (Green forest)
  • Feather: Drop: Birds (Meadows & Black Forest) | Locations: Random chests
  • Fine Wood: Drop: Birch | Locations: Meadows & Black Forest
  • Flint: Locations: Shores (Green forest)
  • Greydwarf Eye: Drop: Greydwarf
  • Hard Antler: Drop: Eikthyr Boss (Meadows)
  • Iron: Craft: Smelter (Iron Ore)
  • Iron Ore: Locations: Iron Veins (Swamp & Mountains)
  • Mushroom: Locations: Ground (Green Forest & Deep Forest)
  • Raw Meat: Drop: Deer & Boar
  • Resin: Drop: Greydwarf
  • Stone: Drop: Greydwarf | Locations: Ground (everywhere)
  • Tin: Locations: The Shore (Deep forest)
  • Tin Ore: Locations: Tin Deposits (Black forest coast) & Random chests
  • Troll Hide: Drop: Trolls (Black forest)
  • Wood: Drop: Greydwarf | Locations: Ground & Trees (Everywhere)

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