Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles & Solutions – The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles & Solutions - The Lost Children

Last Updated on 20 October, 2021

Welcome to Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles & Solutions – The Lost Children, a guide with the solution for every puzzle, with tips, requirements and also the recipes you are going to need

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Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 1 Fire

The Lost Children puzzle 1 – Fire:

Requirements: 2 adult villagers

Puzzle 1 – Fire – Solution: Have one of the villagers grab some firewood from the south-western side of the beach, from a pile of wood. Get some dry grass found near the coconut trees, and put it in the kindling pit as well. Once both ingredients are in the kindling pit, move your villager over it to have them start a fire

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 2 The Dam

The Lost Children puzzle 2 – The Dam:

Requirements: Builders and also Engineering lvl 2

Puzzle 2 – The Dam – Solution: Drop builders on the rocks just above the pool of water in the southeast corner of the island

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 3 The Scarecrow

The Lost Children puzzle 3 – The Scarecrow:

Requirements: Mater Farmer and also The Dam completed

Puzzle 3 – The Scarecrow – Solution: Drop a Master Farmer on the twisted pieces of wood and vine (northeast from the research lab and south east of the stones), then do it again

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 4 The Cutting Tool

The Lost Children puzzle 4 – The Cutting Tool:

Requirements: 1 master scientist and also exploration lvl 2

Puzzle 4 – The Cutting Tool – Solution: Drop a master scientist on the sharp stones just above the research lab. Then take them to the sharp vines

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 5 Herb Mastery

The Lost Children puzzle 5 – Herb Mastery:

Requirements: 3 trained builders and also construction technology level 2

Puzzle 5 – Herb Mastery – Solution: Place villagers on each of the strange plants of the island, there are 6:

  • Nortwest: Pitcher plant near the dry grass
  • North: Blue flower by the gong
  • North east: lilac flower above the blue flowers
  • East: Black flowers above the waterfall
  • Southeast: red flowers by the dam
  • South: Orange flower at the bottom

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 6 The Elder Totem

The Lost Children puzzle 6 – The Elder Totem

Requirements: Esteemed Elder, someone who has master 3 different skills

Puzzle 6 – The Elder Totem – Solution: Once you have an Esteemed Elder is done

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 7 Sustainable Fishing

The Lost Children puzzle 7 – Sustainable Fishing:

Requirements: Master Scientist, Master Farmer and also Farming lvl 3

Puzzle 7 – Sustainable Fishing – Solution: Drop them both on the Pond

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 8 The Vine Wall

The Lost Children puzzle 8 – The Vine Wall

Requirements: The Cutting Tool and also Culture lvl 3

Puzzle 8 – The Vine Wall – Solution: PDrag a villager to the wall and release them

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 9 The Stew

The Lost Children puzzle 9 – The Stew:

Requirements: Herb Mastery, Fire, 10 Food and also Exploration lvl 2

Puzzle 9 – The Stew – Solution: Put a villager on top of the cauldron  (buy lvl 2 exploration) to retrieve it. Ignite fire. Drop a villager on the cauldron three times, fill it with water and add food. Drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 10 The Ancient Mosaic

The Lost Children puzzle 10 – The Ancient Mosaic:

Requirements: The Dam, Culture lvl 3 and also Engineering lvl 3

Puzzle 10 – The Ancient Mosaic – Solution: Drag some villagers to the ancient ruins in the southeast corner of the map

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 11 The Hospital

The Lost Children puzzle 11 – The Hospital:

Requirements: Builders, Medicine lvl 3 and also Engineering lvl 3

Puzzle 11 – The Hospital – Solution: Buy Level 3 Engineering and Medicine

Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles – 12 The Sewing Hut

The Lost Children puzzle 12 – The Sewing Hut:

Requirements: Builders and also Culture lvl 2

Puzzle 12 – The Sewing Hut – Solution: Buy Culture lvl 2

13 The Sunken Gong Piece

The Lost Children puzzle 13 – The Sunken Gong Piece:

Requirements: Complete puzzles “The Stew” and “the Overgrown Gong Piece”, also 10 quantities of food in your food bin

Puzzle 13 – The Sunken Gong Piece – Solution:

  • Cook the stew (requires this herbs):
    • One from the chain of black flowers above the waterfall
    • Two from the red orange flower near the bottom
  • Feed this stew to a villager, and put them in the pond

14 The Crated Gong Piece

The Lost Children puzzle 14 – The Crated Gong Piece:

Requirements: Complete the Overgrown Gong Piece puzzle, also 3 master builders

Puzzle 14 – The Crated Gong Piece – Solution: Drag three Master Builders to the crate beside the shore

15 The Inland Gong Piece

The Lost Children puzzle 15 – The Inland Gong Piece:

Requirements: Complete the puzzles The Elder Town, The Ancient Mosaic and also the Overgrown Gong Piece

Puzzle 15 – The Inland Gong Piece – Solution: Drop the totem in the center of the uncovered mosaic

16 The Overgrown Gong Piece

The Lost Children puzzle 16 – The Overgrown Piece:

Requirements: Complete the The Cutting Tool puzzle, Builders and also Exploration lvl 2

Puzzle 16 – The Overgrown Gong Piece – Solution: Using the cutting tools, have the villagers to clear the thorns blocking access to the gong encasement

And these are all the Virtual Villagers 2 Puzzles & Solutions – The Lost Children

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