Visage Matryoshka Dolls locations

Visage Matryoshka Dolls locations

Last Updated on 26 September, 2021

Visage Matryoshka Dolls locations – 8th, 9th and also 10th are missable during unique sequences, so be especially careful with them

If you need help with puzzles, collectibles or achievements in any of the chapters, check the full walkthrough & guide of Visage

Visage Matryoshka Dolls – Locations

There are 10 Matryoshka Dolls, and these are their locations:

  • 1st Matryoshka Doll location: Progress Room > Inside the desk
  • 2nd Matryoshka Doll location: Son’s Room > Between the wardrobe and some boxes
  • 3rd Matryoshka Doll location: Parent’s bedroom  > bottom right drawer of the dresser.
  • 4th Matryoshka Doll location: Dining Room > middle upper cabinet
  • 5th Matryoshka Doll location: Secret Room > Garage Attick (move the large toolbox and crawl through)
  • 6th Matryoshka Doll location: Basement Hallway > between some steps on the short staircase (insulation on the walls)
  • 7th Matryoshka Doll location: Basement Storage > in the freezer in the room where you first hear Lucy
  • 8th Matryoshka Doll location: Treehouse (outside) > under the radio in the corner
  • 9th Matryoshka Doll location: Cage Room > next to the miniature wardrobe in the room with the dolls in the wall
  • 10th Matryoshka Doll location: Wardrobe Giant Room > inside a wardrobe near the center of the room (open the wardrobe and take a picture to see a bunch of masks show up)

Visage Matryoshka Dolls – FAQ

  • Where they are? All the 10 Matryoshka Dolls are in chapter 1 – Lucy
  • Achievements? You will unlock the Matryoshka Dolls Master when you find all (the 10) Matryoshka Dolls
  • Are there any missable doll? Yes, Dolls 8th, 9th and also 10th are missable. The 3 of them are in unique sections outside, and you have to get them in their unique sequences

Video Guide with Locations

Find all the Matryoshka Dolls in Chapter 1 – Lucy, there are 10 and you can find the locations in minutes 6:00, 11:30, 15:00, 29:!5, 29:35, 29:54, 30:40, 31:16, 31:45 and also 32:47

Chapter 1 Lucy videoguide by IFreeMz

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