Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Skills, Weapons, Equipment and Abilities

waltaquin best builds in the diofield chronicle

Last Updated on 4 October, 2022

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Read on to learn more about Waltaquin Redditch, his best abilities and physiques, early, mid and late game weapons, abilities, and more!

About Waltaquin Redditch

From the moment we unlock Waltaquin as a character for our games in DioField Chronicle, he should have an almost “fixed” place in our lineup. Not only because he adds an additional ranged attack option, but especially because he will be the alternative option to having to be using potions or healing orbs to keep the team on its feet. But be careful because although she may have a bit more endurance than Iscarion, she will fall fast if we neglect her.

Waltaquin is initially a mobile health source, but can also be adapted to make large area attacks that apply damaging statuses to enemy troops. The problem is that she depends too much on EPs to play her role well, so be careful with the use of her cures or spells; it goes without saying that she will be a character on which you will spend a lot of EP potions, so the ideal is to try to configure her with a build that mitigates this need.

How To Recruit Waltaquin?

Waltaquin will join your party after you complete the Chapter 1 quest Redditch Estate Recon.

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Overall Skills


Buff Skill

      • Creates an area of ​​effect that grants Agility to allies within.


Debuff Skill

      • Freezes enemies in the target area.


Offensive Skill

      • Deals damage to enemies in the target area. If one of the targets has a status effect, it will pass to all enemies within the target area.

Magical Force

Offensive Skill

      • Deal damage to target. Soldiers take extra damage.

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Early, Mid and Late Weapons

Replica Staff – Early

    • Highly accessible early in the game with decent Attack and EP.
    • Has Meteor Fall and Ignition as Active Skills.

Dragon Staff – Mid

    • The best affordable Staff before reaching Weapon Development Rank 5.
    • Addional 26 points to Technique.
    • Has Frostbind and Ignition as Active Skills.

Faerie Staff – Late

    • Staff with the best lineup of Skills.
    • Addional 34 points to Technique.
    • Has PandemicFrostbind, and Ignition as Active Skills.

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Accesories

Accessory Hp Atk Def Tec Lck
Spirit’s Hat 0 0 30 0 0
Sprightly Shoes 500 0 0 0 0
Chaos Ring 0 0 0 0 30

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Builds

This build allows Waltaquin to increase the chance of applying status effects to her autoattacks while her abilities are on cooldown. Also allows for easier casting of Pandemic without triggering status effects due to the character’s equipment and passive traits.

Weapons and Skills

Faerie Staff




Accessories and Passives

Dragon Claw Bangle

Level Headed

Chaos Ring

Status Effect Mastery

Bangle of Birth

Rude Health

Character Abilities

Skill Damage Boost

EP Saver

Magic Surge

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Abilities

Ability Description
Skill Damage Boost Lv. 1: Increases skill damage by 5%.
Lv. 2: Increases skill damage by 10%.
Lv. 3: Increases skill damage by 20%.
Lv. 4: Increases skill damage by 30%.
EP Saver Reduces XP cost by 30%.
Magic Surge When applying a status effect, there is a 30% chance to burn, delay or poison the target.

Waltaquin Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  All Characters Quest 

Chapter Quest Name Reward
Chapter 2 A Lady Unlike Others 1000G
Chapter 2 An Unlikely Match 1000 G
Chapter 3 Birds of a Feather 2000 G
Chapter 4 The Power of the Dead 5000 G


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