Where is Angel Maggie in Find the Simpsons Roblox

Angel Maggie in Find the Simpsons

Last Updated on 16 December, 2023

Where is Angel Maggie in Find the Simpsons Roblox – The location of Angel Maggie, one of the most difficult Easter Eggs to guess on your own

There are many characters to unlock in the Tem Production game. And getting the keys is necessary, since they unlock new areas and characters that you will need to unlock the next ones.

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Where is Angel Maggie in Find the Simpsons Roblox – Location

Follow these simple steps to get Angel Maggie

  1. Go to the Sea (Teleport)
  2. As soon as you Spawn in SEA, dive into the water to the right of the bridge and dive to the right until you see a Halo (interact with it)
  3. Go up the slide and go to the right. Find your way through the “snow” after the 4 columns and move up and down until you reach the mini-game area.
  4. You must complete all 3 mini-games with 20/20 to unlock Angel Maggie

She is one of the characters that has cost us the most to unlock, both because of his location (he is not easy to find), and because of the mini games (you will probably need several tries).

Video Guide

In case there is something that you don’t get with the explanations, we leave you a very short video guide (less than a minute) of codeshunterx4. It may help you if you can’t find your way in the snow


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