Where is Spider Bart in Find the Simpsons Roblox

Where is Spider Bart in Find the Simpsons

Last Updated on 24 January, 2024

Where is Spider Bart in Find the Simpsons Roblox – The location of Spider Bart , one of the most difficult Easter Eggs to guess on your own

There are many characters to unlock in the Tem Production game. And getting the keys is necessary, since they unlock new areas and characters that you will need to unlock the next ones.

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Where is Spider Bart in Find the Simpsons Roblox – Location

There are x2 Spider Bart in the game, Spider-Bart (like Spider-Man) and Spider Bart (like a spider) so we explain how to find both

Spider-Bart (Spider-Man)

Follow these simple steps to get Spider-Bart 

  1. Go to the Music Store (To the left of Kwik E-mart and Krusty Burger)
  2. (If you can’t open the door is because you need Maggie the 1st time you visit the Music Store)
  3. Interact with the yellow Saxophone (after entering on the left) to make yourself small
  4. Go to the opposite corner of the store (between the black piano and the yellow saxophone), use the jumper and sneak through the passage in the wall
  5. Go to the end of the hallway and stand at the end of the platform
  6. After two automatic jumps you will reach Spider Bart’s location.

Spider Bart (Just a Spider)

Follow these simple steps to get Spider-Bart 

  1. Go to the graveyard (To the right of Kwik E-mart and baseball card Shop)
  2. Just jump inside and you will see Spider Bart in one of the inner corners of the cemetery

Video Guide

Finding Spider Bart is very simple, but Spider-Bart is more difficult. So we leave you this video guide from codeshunterx4 where you can see how to get the three characters from the Music Store, including Spider-Bart, or Bart dressed as Spider-Man


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