Where to Find All Diablo 4 Dungeons Location Guide

Where to Find All Diablo 4 Dungeons Location Guide

Last Updated on 21 March, 2023

Where to Find All Diablo 4 Dungeons Location Guide. Dungeon crawling is a vital part of Diablo 4, and there is plenty to explore in the world of Fractured Peaks. 

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Where to Find All Diablo 4 Dungeons Location Guide

Dungeon crawling has always been a staple in the Diablo series, and Diablo 4 is no different. As players eagerly await the release of the game, the Beta version offers a glimpse into what we can expect. From Strongholds and Dungeons to Cellars, there is plenty to explore in the world of Fractured Peaks.

In this guide, we will take a look at all 22 Dungeons in Kyovashad and how to find them. We will also explore the objectives within each Dungeon and the Legendary Aspects that are unlocked after completing them.

Finding Dungeons in Diablo 4

As you explore the world of Fractured Peaks, you will come across a range of Dungeons. Some of these Dungeons are hidden and can only be accessed through dark pathways, while others have more obvious entrances such as caves and giant metal gates. In total, there are 22 Dungeons that can be found and easily accessed around Kyovashad.

Exploring the Dungeons in Diablo 4

The main goal of the Dungeons is to defeat all the foes and complete each area like a typical Dungeon Crawl. However, there are objectives within each Dungeon that you should complete to get every possible reward available upon completion. These objectives can range from defeating a specific enemy to solving a puzzle.

Completing the Dungeons Each Dungeon offers a different Legendary Aspect that can be unlocked upon completion. These Aspects provide a significant boost to a player’s class and can help to enhance gameplay.

Diablo 4 Dungeons Location Guide

Unlocked Aspects

The Aspects that are unlocked after completing each Dungeon are as follows:

  1. Light’s Watch Dungeon – Conflagration Aspect for Sorcerer Class
  2. Maulwood Dungeon – Slaking Aspect for Barbarian Class
  3. Defiled Catacomb Dungeon – Tempering Blows Aspect for Barbarian Class
  4. Lost Archives Dungeon – Protector Aspect for All Classes
  5. Tormented Ruins Dungeon – Unsatiated Aspect for Druid Class
  6. Cultist Refuge Dungeon – Flamewalker’s Aspect for Sorcerer Class
  7. Derelict Lodge Dungeon – Explosive Nerve Aspect for Rogue Class
  8. Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon – Flesh-Rending Aspect for Necromancer Class
  9. Caldera Gate Dungeon – Eluding Aspect for All Classes
  10. Mercy’s Reach Dungeon – Blood Seeker’s Aspect for Necromancer Class
  11. Forbidden City Dungeon – Nighthowler’s Aspect for Druid Class
  12. Kor Dragan Barracks Dungeon – Anemia Aspect for Barbarian Class
  13. Forsaken Quarry Dungeon – Encircling Bladed Aspect for Rogue Class
  14. Black Asylum Dungeon – Torment Aspect for Necromancer Class
  15. Immortal Emanation Dungeon – Mangled Aspect for Druid Class
  16. Hallowed Ossuary Dungeon – Unrelenting Fury Aspect for Barbarian Class
  17. Anica’s Claim Dungeon – Stormclaw’s Aspect for Druid Class
  18. Rimescar Cavern Dungeon – Plunging Darkness Aspect for Necromancer Class
  19. Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon – Blood-Bathed Aspect for Necromancer Class
  20. Zenith Dungeon – Recharging Aspect for Sorcerer Class
  21. Sanguine Chapel Dungeon – Energizing Aspect for Rogue Class
  22. Dead Man’s Dredge Dungeon – Piercing Cold Aspect for Sorcerer Class

Resetting the Dungeons If you were unable to collect all the loot during your first visit, don’t worry. You can reset the Dungeons whenever you would like, allowing you to re-enter and collect any missed loot.

If you reset a Dungeon, all Dungeons aside from Campaign Dungeons will reset, so keep this in mind.

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