Wild Horse Islands Personalities guide

Wild Horse Islands Personalities

Last Updated on 2 February, 2023

Wild Horse Islands Personalities guide – Personality Types: Clingy, Independent, Grumpy, Sassy, Easy-going, Spooky, Lazy. Energetic

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Wild Horse Islands Personalities guide – Personality Types


Effects: These people-loving horses with the clingy personalities will approach you if you enter the paddock and closely follow you. They will need to be petted and given a lot of attention on a regular basis.


Effects: These horses prefer to be left alone and won’t need your help all that often. They do not herd with other horses and will stray if left unattended. You must lead them if you want them to follow you. This will only function if your horse is wearing a halter or bridle. They dislike being petted.


Effects: Because these horses dislike people, they may attempt to kick or bite anyone who approaches them or walks close to them. They dislike being petted.

Unique animation: Stomp


Effects: These horses are a little obstinate and could give you sassy answers to your directions. They may react by bucking, swishing their tails, or shaking their heads. They love to be on the move.

Unique animation: Sassy prance


Effects: These horses often behave well around people and are simple to handle. The behavior of these horses is unchanged from before the personality upgrade.


Effects: These horses panic easily at various things that varies amongst horses. Jumps, signs, ores, and plants might be among these items and frequently are. In order to prevent your horse from panicking, try to keep them away from the items that make them uncomfortable and are indicated in red. This terror is described as galloping or galloping quickly until they knock you off balance.

A heart-shaped button will appear at the bottom of your screen when you are sufficiently close to an object that spooks your horse. You can temporarily calm them down by pressing this button. You can avoid being bucked off by pressing this button while your horse is in a frantic state.


These horses are unmotivated and sluggish as a result. When you are riding them, they frequently try to slow down and will follow you much farther and slower than other horses. They can also be spotted resting in Hogan’s workshop, the wild, or your barn.

Unique animation: Cat stretch


These horses have a lot of energy and are constantly prepared to move. When you are riding them, they frequently try to accelerate and follow you much more closely and quickly than other horses. They tend to be restless and roam around a lot.

Unique animation: Prance

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