Wizarding World Patronus Erumpent Answers

Wizarding World Patronus Erumpent Answers

Last Updated on 14 February, 2023

Wizarding World Patronus Erumpent Answers – All the answers of the 7 quizzes to get Erumpent Patronus on Wizarding World – Pottermore – Hogwarts Legacy

The Erumpent patronus is one of the most difficult in the game, it is very rare, and therefore it has 7 quizzes or questions that you must answer correctly.

Wizarding World Patronus Erumpent Answers – Full List

These are all the possible answers to the 7 Erumpent patronus quizzes. Keep in mind that multiple pools of questions might be asked, therefore your quiz may differ slightly from your friend’s quiz. Any of the terms listed below can be used as a response, so long as you do  it will work as an answer:

  • 1st Quiz Answers: Glow, Blade, Wind, Serve, Dance
  • 2nd Quiz Answers: Make, Bright, Sweet, Warm, Bone, Smooth
  • 3rd Quiz Answers: Escape, Preen, Sense, Earth, Around
  • 4th Quiz Answers: Forever, Who, Safe, Together, Found, Speak
  • 5th Quiz Answers: Trust, Grey, Spirit, Impress, Touch
  • 6th Quiz Answers: Sharp, Deep, Awake, Frost, Ripple, Hunt
  • 7th Quiz Answers: Legend, Glory, Impossible, Bewitch, Jinx

The most difficult thing in these questions is time, since you only have a couple of seconds to answer. So have these answers we’ve provided handy when you’re trying to get your Erumpent patronus.

(*) In Wizarding World, once you’ve decided on a Patronus, you can’t modify it. To alter your Patronus, you can delete your account and make a new one. Consider your decisions carefully because some customisation options from Wizard World transfer over to Hogwarts Legacy.

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Video Guide

In case you have any questions regarding the process, we leave you this video guide from Nexible – How to get Erumpent Patronus on Wizarding World (Pottermore) | Hogwarts Legacy

We recommend that you be very sure of your choice before choosing the Patronus that interests you, since it cannot be changed and you would have to create a new account. In case you like any other more, here is the guide to All the Quiz – 174 Patronus on Wizarding World – Pottermore – Hogwarts Legacy

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