YBA Map – New Map & Sewer Map (2023)


Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

YBA Map – Your Bizarre Adventure New Map & Sewer Map – With all the points of interest you may need to consult – Missions, NPCs, Bosses, Entrances and exits and more

YBA Map – New Map

This is the latest and highest quality map from Your Bizarre Adventure with all the points of interest:

yba map.png

On the map you will find:

  • Boss Enemy (red circles): Luca, Deo,Bruce, Pancake, Joe Joe Part 6, Pepsi & Deovolo
  • Fast Travel NPC (red squares): x6 fast travel NPC
  • Sewer Entrance (blue squares): x5 Sewer Entrances
  • Teachers & Merchants (Yellow squares): Brad, Hamon, Boxing, Matheus, Sword, Merchant, Sell…
  • Quests (Green Circles): Sam, Deputy, Dopey, Darius, Isabelle, Pres Master Rin, Rico Pushie, Joe & Deo
  • Story Quests (Pink Numbers): x16 Story Quests + Final Quest

YBA Map – Sewer Map

This is the latest and highest quality Sewer map from Your Bizarre Adventure with all the points of interest:

sewers map.png

On the map you will find:

  • NPC (Yellow): Drac, Zeppel, Cars, Jill
  • Entrances & Exits (Blue): Cafe, Train, Quinn, Fountain, Parking Lot
  • Vampire (red circles): x6 Vampires
  • Zombie Henchman (orange circles): x5 Zombie Henchman
  • Vampire hang

Old Map

The old map is no longer available in the game, but if you want to consult it, we leave you this video guide of the old map made by the youtuber Paragon

Update 1

  • New stand: Stone Free
  • New map
  • 15 New Stand skins
  • 2 New codes ( Lucky Arrow)
  • and… ver very many more additions, changes, and balances for you to experience in-game!

Welcome to Your Bizarre Adventure, an MMORPG game that revolves around obtaining strong and unique spiritual abilities known as “STANDS”, fighting gangs, PvP, and more!

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