Your Bizarre Adventure Update

your bizarre adventure update

Last Updated on 1 March, 2023

Your Bizarre Adventure – Update December 2021. All the changes of the latest updates – You could find updates like events, different fights, fixed bugs, new rates and More

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – July 2022 – v1

  • x2 New Codes
  • New STAND:Stone Free
  • Obtained with a Mysterious Arrow or in the Robux Store!
  • 10 abilities in total!
  • New Main Game MAP
  • Comes with new “Fast Travel” NPC’s!
  • 15 New STAND SKINS for the following Stands:
  • Stone Free
  • MCU Spider-Man
  • Comic Venom Spider-Man
  • Venom
  • Stone Platinum
  • The Universe Alternate Universe
  • No new skin, but it’s skin “The Waifu Alternate Universe” has been remodeled and the old model will now be a new skin for The Universe (Below)
  • The Universe
  • The Waifu v2
  • The Waifu (v1) is now no longer obtainable!!!
  •  G-Moon
  • Vela Nova
  • Golden Nail IV
  • Tomb Crypt Tusk
  • Magician’s Ember
  • Sorcerer’s Ember
  • Platinum Sun  
  • Luffy Gear 4
  • Yellow Hot Chili Pepper
  • Golden Frieza
  • Golden Spirit Requiem
  • Lord Boros
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe
  • Star Waifu: The World
  • White Poison
  • Deimos Snake
  • The Way to Heaven
  • Mr Jukes Angels
  • Ms. Vice-President
  • Mr. Joestar
  • New Soundtracks
  • 60+ tracks in the main game!
  • 50+ tracks in 1v1s, 2v2s, and SBR!

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – December 2021 – v0.9

Christmas Event

  • Collect Christmas Presents! They can be found around the map (0.5% spawn chance) or obtained by winning game modes (drop chances will be listed below). You can open them to obtain a random Limited Edition cosmetic or item!
  • Christmas Present drop chances in winning game modes:
  • 1v1’s = 4%
  • 2v2’s = 1%
  • Casual MBR 3rd = 5%
  • Casual MBR 2nd = 10%
  • Casual MBR 1st = 15%
  • Competitive MBR 3rd = 10%
  • Competitive MBR 2nd = 15%
  • Competitive MBR 1st = 20%
  • All Limited Edition Christmas stuff will be unobtainable after the event ends!
  • 2x Item Spawning enabled ( Stacks with the 2x spawn on weekends so it would be 4x item spawning! )
  • 2x Stand Skin chances ( Works with the robux shop! )
  • +10 New LIMITED EDITION Christmas Cosmetics
  • +7 New LIMITED EDITION Christmas Items
  • New LIMITED EDITION Christmas Skins: +1 Platinum Sun, +1 Platinum Sun: The Universe, +2 The Universe, +1 The Universe Alternate Universe, +1 Six Pistols, +1 Deadly King, +1 Scarlet
  • King, +1 Airsmith, +1 Ocean Boy, +1 Anubiz
  • The Christmas event will end on 01/03/21 (January 3rd)

New Trading Interface:

  • Trade ITEMS and STANDS along with Cosmetics!
  • Chat while trading!
  • Multiple visual improvements!
  • You can start using the new trading system in the Menu HUD!

New skins

  • +1 Platinum Sun
  • +1 Platinum Sun: The Universe
  • +1 Deadly King
  • +1 Golden Nail IV
  • +1 The Universe
  • +1 The Universe Alternate Universe
  • +1 Anubiz

New Cosmetics

  • +2 Common
  • +2 Epic

New codes

Finde them here


  • Stand Skin names will now appear on the stand storage slots and equipped stand stat in settings
  • You can now delete cosmetics more quickly
  • New Stand Model for Scarlet King Requiem
  • New Model and Animations for the Halloween Limited Edition Pluck Skin (Scythe)
  • Increased the cap of how many limited edition items you can have each (increased from 1 to 30)


  • Fixed Cinematic Mode making your money disappear forever until respawning/rejoining

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – v0.896

  • halloween event over. Stand skins will be tradable in the near future so don’t get rid of halloween skins yet! They will be very valuable as they’re unobtainable
  • Patched an exploit that allowed users with Magician’s Ember, Platinum Sun: The Universe, and Vampire Fighting-Style to instant kill others


  • Increased base Epitaph CD
  • Increased Dimension Slash endlag a bit
  • Removed Pierce Strike’s lingering hitbox
  • Reduced the “Inhale” move’s Duration
  • Removed 1 Meat Shield upgrade node from Boxing’s Skill Tree
  • Reduced Ora Beatdown’s damage

Your Bizarre Adventure Update – v0.894

  • Fixed mobs being duplicated and immortal which lagged the servers a lot, hopefully for good – fixed the infinite combo with plant and detonate bomb for Deadly King and Deadly King: Bites the Dust


  • Fixed Conqueror’s Will
  • Fixed Bites the Dust
  • Fixed Headless Horseman dialogue not working for mobile

Stay tunned with new codes!

The next goals for a new codes are

You can find codes from Your Bizarre Adventure: here

  • 800k likes on the roblox yba game page
  • 300k subscribers on uzukee’s youtube channel!

Social Media

Also check the Your Bizarre Adventure – YBA CodesScript Pastebin, Stand Skin Tier List, Prestige

Youtube Channel, find it here

Roblox web, find it here

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