ZERO Sievert How to Extract and Split Stack

ZERO Sievert How to Extract and Split Stack

Last Updated on 25 November, 2022

ZERO Sievert How to Extract and Split Stack – Two of the most useful mechanics that you need to learn as soon as possible to survive in the game

If you are new to the game there are two features or mechanics that you have to learn as soon as possible. Reaching safe areas (Extract) and separating parts of your inventory (Split Stack) We will briefly explain how both things are done, since once you do it you will see that it is very simple

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ZERO Sievert How to Extract and Split Stack – Extract Guide

If you are currently in hostile territory and wish to leave it, you must proceed to the appropriate location. The green circle on the map (hotkey = M) will let you know where it is. When you arrive there, a countdown will begin, and when it is finished, you will be transported to a secure base. Task is finished.

However, you need to exercise caution because these points frequently harbor strong adversaries. It is a good idea to stay away from them in the start of the expedition. Be cautious. Also keep in mind that the yellow arrow indicates where you are!

ZERO Sievert How to Extract and Split Stack – Split Stack Guide

Go into your inventory first if you wish to separate a stack (default “Tab” key). Then, using the left mouse button, select the stack you want to divide. Then, while holding down the “CTRL” key, drag the selected items to the new location. Get 2 equal stacks for you. This might help you organize your inventory

Video Guide – Tips to Survive

Finally we leave you a Cheeki Breeki video guide with 20 tips to survive. Some of them are as useful as the previous ones (Extract or Split Stack), like sleeping, etc.

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