ZERO Sievert How to Sleep Guide and restore your Fatigue

ZERO Sievert How to Sleep

Last Updated on 25 November, 2022

ZERO Sievert How to Sleep Guide and restore your Fatigue – Learn to recover energy by eating and sleeping, or even to make your own bedroom

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ZERO Sievert How to Sleep Guide – Restore Fatigue

Of course sleeping is the best way to recover energy, but keep in mind that there are more methods to achieve it.

Drinks: Keep in mind that sleeping is not the only way to restore the fatigue bar, there are many drinks that do this, such as Cup of Coffee (+13), Cup of Tea (+8), so if you are concerned about fatigue don’t forget to look for drinks when you explore.

Sleep: Although if you really want to restore your fatigue, nothing better than sleep. And you can sleep anywhere there is a bed. In case you haven’t seen any yet, the easiest one is the one next to the Bar. From the bar, go up the corridor to the right, past the bathrooms, and on the right hand side you will find a room with two beds. Just keep in mind that to fully restore fatigue you will have to choose a duration in which the numbers are marked in green. Keep in mind that sleeping reduces the hunger and thirst meter, so you will have to eat and drink afterwards

ZERO Sievert How to Sleep Guide – Build your Bed or Bedr – oom

Although sleep is the best method of reducing fatigue, a bed isn’t always nearby. But don’t worry, you can build your own bedroom, we’ll explain how

Crafting recipe: 4 Pillow + 60 Scrap Material + 30 Screw Nut + 30 Nail + 1 Hammer + 2 Bulb + 1 Screwdriver + 2 Duct Tape + 4 Metal Pipe

And not only Allows you to sleep near your crafting area, but also allows you to Skill level up faster

How to Install a Module?

These are the steps to craft your bedroom:

  1. Press J to open up your Device while in the bunker.
  2. Click on the house icon to go to the Modules menu.
  3. Click on an empty square and select a Module to install.
  4. Once selected, hold down left-click over the text “Hold Here to Install.” This will install the Level 0 Module.
  5. Go to the workbench and craft the associated Level 1 Module. For example, if you installed a Level 0 Bedroom, you’ll need to craft a Level 1 Bedroom Module.
  6. Use the Level 1 Module in your inventory to actually install the Module and gain its benefits.

Video Guide

In case you have trouble finding things, we leave you this Acez Plays video guide, in which you can see how to find the bedroom, sleep, and restore your fatigue

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