AUT Private Server Codes – February 2024

AUT Private Server Codes

Last Updated on 14 February, 2024

AUT Private Server Codes – access the VIP Private Servers free of charge, learn to find them, or get your own Private Server

AUT Private Server Codes – List

These private server codes work as of the writing date of this article, and will allow you to access the VIP Private Servers free of charge.

  • DNzsJdWsuuebXrWsmJ: Try Hard Guides Private Server
  • JZHFipQkOuogGstpuf: GamerJournalist Private server

Expired PS codes

  • 214641317/IOEZP : minorcaPT’s Server
  • 167895567/HOFEN
  • 500315240/HUFBZ
  • 1279497539/RNTCD
  • 2055776412/DSGBU
  • 212515622/AJOTU
  • 16616777/XUOKM
  • 707132053/QNRYJ
  • 562968270/LKGJH
  • 1558448207/HNAPS
  • 125667583/ZZOPE
  • 603748183/OETPZ
  • 669238582/AGYPE
  • 166116777/BWRNR
  • 269211368/XLQKE

If some PS code does not work for you, it may be because the server is full, or because the code has changed. Leave us a message with any incident and we will try to help you

The biggest problem you are going to find is that many servers are full. But if all of these fail you, you can find more on your own. Go to!/game-instances, and click on load more until you find a server that is not full

AUT Private Server Codes – How to Join

  1. Launch AUT – A Universal Time
  2. Select Private Servers (from the main menu, before clicking on Play)
  3. Enter the PS code in the Join Private Server by code section
  4. Tap Join Private Server by code to join

AUT Private Server Codes – Get your Own PS

Anyone can get their own private server, it costs 150 robux. But although it seems like a lot, they have capacity for 16 people, and if you have a good group of friends and you can afford it together, it doesn’t cost that much. These are the steps:

  1. Launch AUT – A Universal Time
  2. Press M to access the in-game shop
  3. Open the products page (top left icon)
  4. Buy the private server game pass for 150 robux

About Roblox a Universal Time

Welcome to A Universal Time
A Universal Time (AUT) is an action/adventure game inspired by many different popular shows, games, and animes. Most notably the Shōnen Jump Anthology’s ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’.

Current news:

  • Ranked season 2
  • New Gamemode
  • Added Broly
  • New 1vs1 map, auras, emotes, dash animation…
  • Visual changes
  • A lot of fixes and balances

All models, animations, and scripts are created by the game’s developers & owners
Sounds are sourced from a majority of open libraries and our sound designers. These can be removed upon legitimate request

The A Universal Time: New Universe update has been released! Thank you everyone for all the patience while we have made this update. The game will inevitably have bugs, please accept this. We will be working tirelessly over the next couple of days

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