Adventurer Trainer Cheats (2024)

Adventurer Trainer Cheats

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Adventurer Trainer Cheats – Remove al items, spawn any item, infinite money, max level, max affection, unlock all gallery scenes, add jail time…

Adventurer Trainer Cheats

These are all the cheat codes available in the game, and everything you get with each cheat code

Version V0.1.5 Cheat Codes

  • clearinventory – remove all items cheat code
  • giveitem id – give yourself an item (healthpotion, picklepotion)
  • gold N – to give yourself gold cheat code
  • setlevel N – to set your character level to N cheat code
  • addaffection name N – add N affection to a character cheat code
  • unlockgallery – unlock all H-scenes in the gallery cheat code
  • addjailtime N – add N days to the jail timer cheat code

The codes change after each update, if they don’t work for you, check the version of the game you are playing

We will keep this list updated, changing the codes after each game update. If you discover the latest codes before us and want to help us, leave us a comment and we will include the codes giving you credits

About the game

Adventurer Trainer is a free non-commercial fan-made parody Dating Sim & Visual Novel with RPG elements set in a fictional universe inspired by Konosuba and other titles. You’ll meet familiar characters, go on thrilling adventures, solve mysteries, and much more!

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