Shadowrun Dragonfall Codes (2024)

Shadowrun Dragonfall Codes

Last Updated on 20 January, 2024

Shadowrun Dragonfall Codes – Unlock all the doors, lockers, elevators and warehouses in the game with this list of codes that we are going to provide you

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Shadowrun Dragonfall Codes – Full List

We show you the solutions or codes by areas or missions:

Kesselhaus Hotel & Nightclub Codes

These are all the codes you will need in Kesselhaus Hotel & Nightclub:

  • 2nd Floor
    • 1989 = find passcode room 405 on computer
  • 3rd Floor:
    • Bathroom code = 2478
  • 4th Floor:
    • 5870 = passcode for room 401
    • 1989 = passcode for room 405
    • 91612 = Code for safe in Winters’ room

Humanis Compound Codes

These are all the codes you will need in Humanis Compound:

  • 706 = Locker 1 passcode
  • 1409 = Locker 2 passcode
  • 2619 = Locker 3 passcode
  • 4176 = Locker 4 passcode
  • 1106 = Locker 5 passcode
  • 2114 = Locker 6 passcode
  • pride = Volker’s passcode
  • Purity = Armory Door Code

Lodge Trial Run Codes

These are all the codes you will need in Lodge Trial Run:

  • 38297 = Door code for Apt 302
  • 53786 = Door code for Apt 301 (after you give the Suit “Jolt” for his business presentation)

MKVI Mission Codes

These are all the codes you will need in MKVI Mission:

  • 54139 = Stromberg’s Passcode (Exec level)
  • 84792 = Haushofer’s passcode (VP level), Elevator code

Harfeld Manor Codes

These are all the codes you will need in Harfeld Manor:

  • 1247 = Store room access code

Panacea Codes

These are all the codes you will need in Panacea:

  • 3971 = Supply box code

If you know of any code that we have not included in this guide, leave us a comment and we will add it, so that the rest of the players can enjoy it, giving you credits

Shadowrun Dragonfall Codes – Video Guide

In case you have questions about how to use the codes, we leave you this video guide from youtuber Thymbraeus


About Shadowrun Dragonfall

Classic narrative-driven RPG. Dragonfall recalls the golden age of the computer RPG with a new branching narrative, sharp prose, and deep character development. Immerse yourself in a cunning campaign lasting more than 20 hours, with a diverse cast of tremendously human characters.

A One-of-a-Kind Cyberpunk Setting: Experience the unique future dystopia where technology and magic meet in the world of Shadowrun, one of gamers’ favorite settings now celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is the perfect entry point for those new to Shadowrun, while also offering a healthy dose of classic Shadowrun technologies and characters for veteran players to sink their teeth into.

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