Femtality Code Password v0.151 & Cheats

Femtality Code Password

Last Updated on 8 December, 2023

Femtality Code Password v0.151 – Unlock new characters, events, and locations, with the latest codes available. We also explain how to activate cheats

Femtality Code – Password

The code or password is updated with each new update or version of the game. So if the code doesn’t work for you, check the version of the game you are playing:

  • v0.151 Password code = ZXCQWEJKL
  • v0.14 Password code = EDCXXXBNM
  • v0.13 Password code = QETGBBNMP

If the game is updated to a version later than our latest code, please leave us a comment so we can find it, or share it with us if you find it

How to Redeem Codes or how to use the password?

These are the steps to redeem codes

  1. Advance to the selection screen (Rename, Character Stories, Gallery)
  2. Click on the button below (Unlock content)
  3. Enter the letters of the code, and press enter (on the on-screen keyboard)
  4. When you enter the correct code or password, it will take you out of the redemption screen, and you will see that you have already unlocked the content

What do you unlock with the code or password?

Lots of extra content: More scenes, more characters, the gallery, new locations…

But in case what you were looking for are cheats, they are not unlocked with the password or code, we explain below

Femtality Code – Cheats

To unlock cheats, do the following:

  1. Advance to the selection screen (Rename, Character Stories, Gallery)
  2. Click on the Options Button (Right)
  3. You will see that cheats are disabled by default (Off), change it to (On)
  4. Now you can activate the four available cheats one by one:
    • Infinite Lives
    • Infinite Credits
    • Multihit Glitch
    • Infinite Health

About the game

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The game combines satisfying combat mechanics with thrilling finishing move scenes. But beware, the enemies are also using their own unique animations to take you out of the fight! With plenty of content to see and explore (over 500 scenes and counting), it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a beat ’em up with a twist.

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