Afterinfection Map Loot

Afterinfection Map Loot

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

Afterinfection Map Loot – With all the points of interest – Boxes, Resources, Hospitals,  Cars, Zombies, Towers and more

Afterinfection Map Loot – OOT MAP Patch update 5/2/2022

We provide you with the latest map of Afterinfection Map – OOT MAP Patch update 5/2/2022 – To see it at full resolution you just have to click on the map image

Credits: Dexter20th
It is the best map that currently exists on the internet, it has great detail and all the points of interest marked


To the right of the map you can see what each icon corresponds to, and then you just have to look for the icons on the map, you can find:

  • Weapon and Ammo Boxes
  • Bag, Armor & Cap
  • Police Station
  • Boss Zombie
  • More Zombies
  • Low Zombies
  • Hospitals
  • Medicine Trucks
  • Towers
  • Crafting
  • Food
  • Water
  • Car Drop
  • Police Car Drop
  • Spawn Point

And of course all the villages and recognizable geographical points, such as islands, roads or bodies of water

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