Dead Cells Biomes Map – Version 2.7

Dead Cells Biomes Map

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

Dead Cells Biomes Map – Version 2.7 – The best updated HQ map with all the details you can find for the Playdigious game

Dead Cells Biomes Map – Version 2.7

Click on the map to enlarge, and then click again to zoom. The map is very large, but it’s in HQ, so you won’t have a problem seeing even the smallest detail

Dead Cells Biomes Map – Biomes

First Stages Biomes

Prisoners’ Quarters Biome Map

  • Enemies: Zombies, Shieldbearers, Grenadiers, Undead Archers
    • Rancid Rats, Knife Throwers (replaces Undead Archers), Oven Knights
    • Inquisitors, Demolishers
    • Rampagers
    • Failed Experiments
  • Exits: Promenade of the Condemned
    • Toxic Sewers
    • Dilapidated Arboretum

Second Stages Biomes

Promenade of the Condemned

  • Enemies: Zombies, Grenadiers, Runners, Bats, Protectors
    • Kamikazes
    • Dark Trackers
    • Bombardiers (Replaces Grenadiers)
    • Failed Experiments (Replaces Dark Trackers)
  • Exits: Ramparts
    • Prison Depths
    • Ossuary
    • Morass of the Banished

Toxic Sewers

  • Enemies: Zombies, Scorpions, Disgusting Worms, Undead Archers, Kamikazes, Rancid Rats
    • Grenadiers (Replaces Undead Archers)
    • Buzzcutters
    • Rampagers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Festering Zombies (Replaces Grenadiers), Corpse Worms (spawned from Festering Zombies)
  • Exits: Ramparts
    • Corrupted Prison
    • Ancient Sewers

Dilapidated Arboretum

  • Enemies: Yeeters, Jerkshrooms, Thornies, Zombies, Bats
    • Impalers
    • Kamikazes (Replaces Bats)
    • Rampagers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Buzzcutters
  • Exits: Morass of the Banished, Ramparts
    • Prison Depths

Prison Depths

  • Enemies: Zombies, Undead Archers, Slashers, Maskers, Hammers, Sewer Flies (spawned from Hammers), Kamikazes, Lacerators
    • Knife Throwers (Replaces Undead Archers)
    • Rampagers (Replaces Zombies)
  • Exits: Ossuary, Morass of the Banished
    • Ancient Sewers

Corrupted Prison

  • Enemies: Slammers, Shockers, Bats, Grenadiers, Zombies, Rancid Rats, Toxic Miasmas
    • Protectors (Replaces Shockers)
    • Weirded Warriors, Dark Trackers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Inquisitors (Replaces Grenadiers)
    • Bombers (Replaces Dark Trackers)
  • Exits: Ancient Sewers
    • Ramparts

Third Stages Biomes


  • Enemies: Zombies, Undead Archers, Buzzcutters, Inquisitors, Sweepers, Shieldbearers
    • Weirded Warriors, Slashers, Demolishers (replaces Undead Archers)
    • Oven Knights (Replaces Shieldbearers)
    • Rampagers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Cannibals (Replaces Slashers)
  • Exits: Black Bridge
    • Insufferable Crypt

Ancient Sewers

  • Enemies: Zombies, Festering Zombies, Corpse Worms (spawned from Festering Zombies), Shieldbearers, Disgusting Worms, Kamikazes, Impalers, Sewer’s Tentacles
    • Failed Experiments (Replaces Zombies)
  • Exit: Insufferable Crypt


  • Enemies: Zombies, Grenadiers, Slashers, Shockers, Thornies, Spawners, Corpse Juices (spawned from Spawners)
    • Inquisitors
    • Bombers (Replaces Grenadiers)
    • Dark Trackers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Bombardiers (Replaces Bombers)
  • Exit: Black Bridge

Morass of the Banished

  • Enemies: Banished, Blowgunners, Giant Ticks,TBS Weaver Worms, Cleavers, Slashers
    • Dark Trackers
    • Rampagers (Replaces Dark Trackers)
    • Maskers
  • Exit: Nest

First Bosses

Black Bridge

  • Exits: Stilt Village, Fractured Shrines
    • Slumbering Sanctuary

Insufferable Crypt

  • Exits: Slumbering Sanctuary
    • Graveyard


  • Exits: Stilt Village, Fractured Shrines
    • Graveyard

Fourth Stages Dead Cells Biomes Map

Stilt Village

  • Enemies: Festering Zombies, Corpse Worms (spawned from Festering Zombies), Weaver Worms, Pirate Captains, Zombies, Kamikazes, Weirded Warriors
    • Demolishers
    • Bombers
    • Rampagers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Failed Experiments
  • Exits: Clock Tower, Undying Shores (requires reaching the Undying Shores from the Fractured Shrines with the Cultist Outfit at least once)
  • Forgotten Sepulcher

Slumbering Sanctuary

  • Enemies:
    • Before activating AT switch: Zombies, Catchers, Maskers, Casters
      • Cannibals
    • After activating AT switch: Grenadiers, Inquisitors, Protectors, Kamikazes, Golems, Oven Knights, Dancers
      • Bombardiers (Replaces Grenadiers)
      • Rampagers
      • Demons (Replaces Inquisitors)
  • Exits: Clock Tower, Forgotten Sepulcher
    • CavernRotG (The GiantRotG has to have been killed at least once)


  • Enemies: Swarm Zombies, Corpse Flies (spawned from Swarm Zombies), Inquisitors, Catchers, Bats, Kamikazes, Maskers, Rancid Rats
    • Protectors
    • Bombers (Replaces Bats)
    • Cannibals
  • Exits: Forgotten Sepulcher, Cavern (requires the Cavern Key on first exit), Undying ShoresFF

Fractured Shrines

  • Enemies: Myopic Crows, Stone Wardens, Cold Blooded Guardians,FF Slashers, inquisitors, Zombies, Grenadiers, Undead Archers
    • Shockers
    • Bombardiers (Replaces Grenadiers)
    • Bombers (Replaces Zombies)
    • Catchers (Replaces Undead Archers)
  • Exits: Undying ShoresFF (requires the Cultist Outfit on first exit), Clock Tower
  • Forgotten Sepulcher (in the passage to the Clock Tower)

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