Longvinter Map (2024)

Longvinter Map

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Longvinter Map – Vanilla version, Detailed Version, Locations & Resources – Best and updated HQ Longvinter Maps

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Longvinter Map – Vanilla

Blank map, Vanilla version, with all the areas of the game differentiated by colors, the cold zones, the shores, the interiors and the bodies of water

Longvinter Map – Locations & Resources

Map with icons of the resources that you can find in each area. Click on the map to enlarge and see everything you can find in high quality

Special thanks to the original poster: tucker#2003

This is probably the most useful map of all, because you will know where to get everything, or what you can find in the area where you are.

Longvinter Map – Detailed version

All the details inside the map, with all the points of interest seen from the sky, so you know where each place of interest is on the map
Special thanks to the original poster: lMidnightSkyl#0001
The truth is that we like the previous map better, but this one is also useful if you need to find references on the map, since the level of detail is higher than in the vanilla version

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