Ark Controls PS4 (2024)

Ark Controls PS4

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Ark Controls PS4 – Battling, Chat, Actions, Camera, Riding creatures or vehicles, Inventory, Building and also Tek Suit & Helmet

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Ark Controls PS4 – General

These are the General Controls for PlayStation

  • Move Forward: Left Joystick Up
  • Move backwards: Left Joystick Down
  • Strafe Left: Left Joystick Left
  • Strafe Right: Left Joystick Right
  • Run: Press Left Joystick
  • Toggle Run: Press Left Joystick
  • Jump: X
  • Crouch: Press Right Joystick
  • Prone: Long Press Right Joystick

Battling Controls

  • Primary Fire: R1
  • Aim-Down Sights/ Alternate Fire: R2
  • Toggle Fist: None (‘activate’ tool again to unequip)
  • Reload Weapon: Square
  • Drag body: Triangle
  • Melee & Pistol Whip: R1
  • Toggle weapon attachment: Square x2

Camera Controls:

  • Toggle 1st/3rd person (while mounted): R1

HUD Controls:

  • Extended HUD Infor: Hold Menu
  • Toggle HUD: Menu + Right Joystick to 9

Actions Controls:

  • Open Inventory: Press Circle
  • Use: Triangle
  • Access Other’s Inventory: Square
  • Use hotbar: Hold Menu + Left joystick to 12 through 9
  • Open Map: Menu
  • Map marker: Press Square
  • Item Menu: Hold Menu
  • Whistle Menu: Hold Circle
  • Throw Shoulder Mount: Hold R1 + Triangle x2

Chat Controls:

  • Toggle Auto-Hide Chat box: None; Accessible in Options
  • Global Chat: R1 + Menu
  • Tribe Chat: R1 + Options
  • Scroll Chat Up: Menu + Right Joystick to 11, then Right joystick up
  • Scroll Chat Down: Menu + Right Joystick to 11, then Right joystick Down

Whistles Controls:

  • Whistle Selection: Hold Circle
  • Attack this target: Hold R1 + Keypad down
  • Move to position: Hold R1 + Keypad up

Tame Ordering Groups Controls:

  • Show current group: Hold Menu

Ark Controls PS4 – Riding Creatures or Vehicles

These are the Riding Creatures or Vehicles Controls for PlayStation

  • Mount & Dismount: Triangle
  • Primary Fire: R1
  • Alternate Fire: R2
  • Jump: X
  • Land & Take off: X
  • Throw Shoulder Mount: Triangle x2
  • Aileron roll & 3rd action: Press Right Joystick

Ark Controls PS4 – Inventory

These are the Inventory Controls for PlayStation

  • Drop Item: L2
  • Split Stack: Triangle
  • Transfer stack: Hold X
  • Transfer half Stack: Press Triangle, then hold X
  • Toggle Item Labels: Press Right Joystick
  • Transfer Item: X + X
  • Toggle to craftables: R1
  • Equip item: X to select, Right joystick to the hotbar, then X
  • Unequip item: Right joystick to the hotbar, then X x2
  • Repair Item: Press Triangle

Ark Controls PS4 – Building

These are the Building Controls for PlayStation

  • Flip Direction: Triangle
  • Snap Point Cycle: R1

Ark Controls PS4 – Tek Suit & Helmet

These are the Tek Suit & Helmet Controls for PlayStation

  • Double-tap triangle twice to activate/switch the helmet/modes
  • Hold X to fly up; release to descend
  • L3 button to hover
  • while hovering press R1 to launch forward in air/ hold R1 on ground for Speedrun
  • L2 for punch
  • R2 for shoot

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