Attack on Titan Evolution Controls (2023)

Attack on Titan Evolution Controls

Last Updated on 19 October, 2023

Attack on Titan Evolution Controls – PC (Keyboard) – Boost, Hook, Flips, Run, Shift Lock, Interact, Reload, Equip, Slash and more

Attack on Titan Evolution Controls – Full List

These are all the available PC controls and keybinds in AoT Evolution:

  • Equip / Unequip: V
  • Reload: R
  • Left Hook: Q
  • Right Hook: E
  • Left Swerve: A
  • Right Swerve: D
  • Boost: Space
  • Backflip: S + S
  • Left Flip: Z + Z
  • Rightflip: X + X
  • Frontflip: C + C
  • Upflip: F + F
  • Skill 1 to 6: 1 to 6
  • Hitbox: Left Alt
  • Slash: MB1
  • Run: W x2
  • Backflip: S x2
  • Zoom in: I
  • Zoom out: O
  • Shift Lock: Left Shift
  • Lock On: Left Control
  • Rotate: MB2
  • Menu: M
  • Interact: T
  • Leaderboard: Tab

Of course you can edit the controls to suit your playstyle

Attack on Titan Evolution Controls – Other Settings

In addition to the controls, there are other aspects of the game that you can configure from the settings menu

  • Blur: A slider (How much blur there is)
  • Speed : A slider (Slowing down your ODMG incase it’s too fast for you)
  • Shake: A slider (How much your screen will shake)
  • Default Camera (“Default”): On / off
  • Camera: A slider (How fast the camera moves)
  • Blood: On / off
  • Textures: On / Off
  • Shadows: On / Off
  • Shading: On / Off
  • Aim Assist: On / Off
  • Keybinds: On / Off
  • Cursor: On / Off
  • Music: A slider
  • Effects: A slider
  • Ambiance: A slider

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How to Edit Controls & Settings?

Launch the game (AoT Evolution) and from the initial menu click on settings, you can customize the controls, but also the audio, graphics and gameplay.

When customizing the controls, be careful not to bind more than one action to the same key, and not to have left an action not binded

In case you are interested in the default controls common to all Roblox games: Launch the game (AoT Evolution), press Esc and go to the Help tab, there you will see some controls, such as the camera controls, which may also interest you

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