Hunter X Athena Controls Roblox (2023)

Roblox Hunter X Athena Controls

Last Updated on 19 October, 2023

Roblox Hunter X Athena Controls – PC (Keyboard) – Jog, Run, Dash, Meditate, Kurta Eyes, Heavy Punch, Kurta Eyes, Swim, Climb and more

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Hunter X Athena Controls Roblox – Full List

These are all the PC Keyboard controls specific to Hunter X Athena

  • Left Alt: Shift Lock
  • Q: Dash
  • Double Tap W: Jog (Doesn’t use stamina)
  • Double Tap W + Left Shift: Run (Uses stamina & trains Run Exp)
  • F: Block
  • Mouse left button: Punch
  • Mouse right button: Heavy punch (requires Shinft Lock enabled)
  • Double Space on a Wall: Climb
  • J: Pushups
  • M: Meditate
  • K: Kurta Eyes (Kurta Clan Exclusive)
  • CTRL (while swimming): Swim Down
  • Shift (while swimming): Swim up

Common Controls

These controls are common to any Roblox game, we put them aside, because you probably don’t need help to know how to perform these actions

  • WASD: Move Around
  • W & Up Arrow: Move Forward
  • S & Down Arrow: Move Backward
  • A & Left Arrow: Move Left
  • D & Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Space: Jump
  • L-CTRL: Crouch
  • 1,2,3…: Equip Tools & Unequip tools
  • Backspace: Drop Tool
  • Z: Equip & Unequip Camera
  • H: Whistle
  • F12: Record Video
  • F9: Dev Console
  • Shift: Mouselock
  • F10: Graphics Level
  • F11: FullScreen
  • Ctrl + Shift + F7: Perf. Stats
  • Q & E: Lean L/R
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom In / Out
  • I: Zoom In
  • O: Zoom Out
  • Right Mouse button: Use Camera
  • Esc: Roblox Menu
  • º: Backpack
  • Tab: Playerlist
  • -: Chat

Hunter X Athena Controls Roblox – Xbox & Mobile

In case you are a Mobile or Xbox player, and there is some action that you do not know how to perform, we have prepared a separate section for you

Mobile Controls

To be added soon

Xbox Controls

Hunter x Athena is not yet available on Xbox, we will update this guide as soon as it is available and we can show you how to perform each action from your controller

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