Roblox Saber Showdown Controls & Combos (2023)

Roblox Saber Showdown Controls & Combos

Last Updated on 19 October, 2023

Roblox Saber Showdown Controls & Combos – PC & Xbox – How to perform all the basic and advanced movements of the Roblox game from Nova Wave Games

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Roblox Saber Showdown Controls & Combos

Find out how to perform the basic movements first and then move on to the advanced ones. All moves are included for both PC and Xbox

Xbox & PC Controls

  • One/ButtonX – Equip | Q/DPadUp – Ignite
  • M1/R1 – Attack | M2/L1 – Block
  • E/ButtonB – Slap | C/DPadDown – Saber Throw
  • X/DPadRight – Swap Force | F/R2 – Use Force
  • L/ButtonY – Mouse Lock | B/DPadLeft – Duel

Xbox & PC Combos

  • Block + Attack: Disarm
  • Block: Grab Saber/Ignite
  • Jump + Attack: Special Attack
  • Jump + Crouch: Roll
  • Attack + Ignite: Feint

If you know of any other movement or have questions about how to perform any action, leave us a comment and we will try to help you.

Some Tips

We’ll move on to some tactics after covering the fundamental controls. We’ll describe them in an ongoing list (so come back soon for more advice!).

  • When your block points are exhausted, you become vulnerable to attacks. If a lightsaber hits you while you’re blocking, you’ll lose BP (block points).
  • If you instantly squat after jumping, you’ll execute a roll.
  • Block points can be regenerated when standing stationary and walking.
  • Attacking with the left click instead of holding it uses fewer BP every swing.
  • Your strike speed depends on the color of your lightsaber.
  • You become more attackable and less capable of delivering damage while you run.

Engage in epic battles and let your inner warrior loose. Which side of the spectrum will you choose? Find out by playing Saber Showdown right now! Add greater customization to the screen’s top left controls. By concentrating on your adversaries until you see smoke, you can use powers. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy & Movie Battles II lightsaber combat was influenced by Star Wars.

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