AU Reborn Tier List – All Characters Ranked (June 2023)

au reborn tier list

Last Updated on 29 May, 2023

AU Reborn Tier List – All characters Ranked from the best to the worst (Tier SS to Tier C)

AU Reborn Tier List

SS Tier

SS Tier includes the best powerful and top heroes in AU Reborn. The only inconvenience of heroes from Tier SS is that it is not that easy to get them You must spend many hours in the game to unlock them.

  • Shisui
  • Issei
  • Fubuki
  • Jonsey


If you’re a big Naruto fan, you probably know Shisui. His kotoamatsukami is one of the most powerful abilities in Naruto. And in AU Reborn, Shisui is even more powerful than the anime series.
His first move, Body Flicker, is a bounce-back move. Also, if you use this move correctly, you can perform powerful combos that deal significant damage to your opponent.

The second move is just a small AoE attack with about 10 damage; nothing interesting.

The third trick is the Fireball Jutsu Combo. This is a massive AoE that deals significant damage to enemies. Most players consider this the best move in the entire game.

The fourth and final step is Kotoamatsukami. This is a combo move that instantly kills weak enemies.

In addition, Shishui possesses a powerful awakening form. He will summon the green Susanoo and deal more damage with Susanoo’s abilities. So if you see your opponent drinking alcohol, it’s best not to approach them.


In the world of High School DxD, Issei is a popular hero. However, he’s less well-known than Shisui, who isn’t an inspiration for the game’s development team. Nevertheless, they still used his skills from the anime.

Boost is a skill that temporarily increases your stats, but be aware that it has a short cooldown. This means you can use it excessively to gain an advantage.

A Dragon Shot comes with a second ability. It’s a very powerful talent, and you can start a combo with it if you use it correctly.

The third trait is the Solid Impact Booster, which is a standard melee attack that deals significant damage.

The final skill is Dragon Impact.

Also, Issei has an awakening mode. In this mode, he has access to infinite acceleration and 3 other abilities: Splinter, Dragon Blast (one of the most powerful abilities in the game), and Longinus Smasher.


Despite being the third in the SS tier, Fubuki is one of the most powerful characters in AU Reborn. This beauty from One Punch Man may seem sweet and weak at first glance. But reality looks different. She is one of the deadliest heroes in AU Reborn.

Her first skill is Hell crusher. This is a combo move that summons a rock from the ground. When you finish it, you have super armor.

The second abilitie is Hell storm. Hellstorm knocks your opponent back, dealing massive damage.

The third move is Hell Cutter. This is a combo expansion barrage that deals light damage.

The last step is Psychic Barrier. With this ability, Fubuki creates a special shield that protects her from any attack in the game.

Awakening is the most exciting part of Fubuki. In the awakened form, Fubuki can use 4 moves: Psychic Grip, Psychic Tornado, Psychic Barrier, and Psychic Extinction.


Jonsey is one of the non-anime characters in AU Reborn. It is the main hero of Fortnite. So it was quite surprising to see Jonsey in this video game. But the truth is, Jonsey is one of the strongest heroes.

The first skill is Mini Shield. At first glance, this skill may seem like nothing. However, this is not the case. The Mini Shield creates a small protection for your character and slightly reduces damage taken.

The second skill is the Pump Shotgun. The skill deals 12 damage and is a combo expander, which is pretty good for a second skill.

The third step is Blue AR. Just like the water gun, it’s a combo extender that deals 14 damage.

The last skill in Standard Mode is Bush. Jonsey becomes the Fornite bush with him. When fighting in the forest, it seems difficult to find the hidden Jonsey.

When he wakes up, Jonsey becomes the most powerful hero in the game. The first 3 skills allow you to build fornite walls, floors and ramps. These items can be used for protection or just for fun. Also, you can use them indefinitely.

The last skill is 200 Pumped. It deals 33 damage and is a combo extender.

S Tier

  • Garou
  • Tsuna
  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Yugi
  • Yor Forget
  • Gojo Satoru

The most important thing to know is that the S tier contains powerful heroes who may become the SS tier in the future. If you are skilled enough with S-rank characters, you can easily defeat less experienced players with SS-rank heroes.

Special attention should be paid to Tanjiro Kamado in this list. The protagonist of Demon Slayer is much stronger than the other heroes of the S-rank. However, you should be well trained to get the best results when playing with Tanjiro Kamado.

A Tier

  • Janeki
  • Hit
  • Boa

A-level characters are very suitable for ordinary players. There’s nothing challenging about getting them, and they’re competitive in normal combat. Of course, you won’t win Shisui or Tsuna. But you can easily control B and C tier heroes.

As for the best A-rank AU Reborn characters, the truth is there is no best hero. They are about the same. So the best way to gauge who is the strongest is to play them all and decide for yourself.

B Tier

  • Fabuli Unfinished
  • Con Naruto
  • Asuna

B-level heroes are the best choice for beginners. They are great for practicing your skills and improving your understanding of the game. Of course, if you play B heroes, you will lose most of the battles. However, right now there is no better option for beginners. You should pay special attention to Naruto. He is very powerful and can compete with A-level heroes.

C Tier

  • Kirito Unfinished
  • Kefla Unfinished

Obviously, Tier C is the last tier of AU Reborn. It contains only 2 characters: Kirito Unfinished and Kefla Unfinished. The truth is that they are so weak that even beginners don’t recommend playing them.

To sum up, AU Reborn has 5 grades: SS, S, A, B, C. The best tier is the SS tier, where there are only 4 heroes. The most important of these is the S-level, which consists of 6 characters. The only thing to keep in mind is that tier list change over time. So if you want to win, try to use only the latest information about AU Reborn!

About AU Reborn

AU Reborn is one of the newest Roblox games that is quickly gaining popularity. This video game gives you different anime heroes – some are powerful, some are not worth your attention. Our AU Reborn tier list is designed to show you which characters are worth investing in. It’s as useful as the AU Reborn code list, so be sure to check it out.

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