AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki – Anime Unlimited (2024)

AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki – Anime Unlimited – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the Roblox AU:R game

AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Trello Link & Wiki – AU Reborn:

AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

If you need detailed and updated information and you are looking for a wiki, click on the link above, it will take you to Trello, the official wiki of the game. All the information that appears there is supervised by the creators of the game, so it is 100% reliable. And if it seems a little scarce to you, it is because the game has just come out, so don’t worry, in the next few days they will complete it with more information

The first sections may seem somewhat basic, although for information we recommend you review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and the entire Basic Knowledge section before you start playing, so you don’t feel lost.

The following sections are already much broader, you will find everything you need from: Characters, Skins, Event Characters, Battle Pass, Game Modes, Staff + Trello Staff (that’s where you’ll see it’s official), Misc Information, Trello Staff’s Suggestions, and format. You will find all the requirements, locations and tips that you were looking for and that you could expect from a good wiki

We are missing more information, but as we indicated at the beginning, the game is new and so is the Trello or wiki. It will be expanded in the coming days and will incorporate everything that you are sure to miss

The information is extensive, updated, and has the quality seal of being official information, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the AU:R team.

In case it can help you, here are some guides based on Trello information, although grouped in a list format, to make it easier for you to access the information:

Other AU Reborn – Anime Unlimited Reborn guides: Visit the Codes, Unlock Characters, Private Server Codes

Trello FAQ & Controls

  • WASD – Movement
  • LMB (Left Mouse Button) – Basic click attacks, used to start or extend combos or to end them
  • F – Blocking, Used to block attacks. Some attacks can get you guard broken, Stunning you enough for your opponent to start a combo
  • F (0.25s Time Window) – Perfect Blocking, It happens when you block a certain attack at the exact moment, stunning the enemy, allowing you to start a combo
  • Q – Dash, Used to dash right at your enemy or to avoid attacks, Can be used twice before going on cooldown (When below 25% HP you can only dash once)
  • G – Awakening, Purple bar below HP Bar, it can be gained through dealing damage, once its filled up you can press G to awaken or to unleash your ultimate move

More Trello guides:

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