Avorion Console Commands & Cheats

Avorion Console Commands & Cheats

Last Updated on 20 February, 2022

Avorion Console Commands & Cheats – Debug Script, Cheats (give command), Console commands and also the Admin Commands

Debug Menu

  1. Open the chat window (ENTER).
  2. Enter the following command: /run Entity():addScript(“lib/entitydbg.lua”)
  3. A little puzzle piece icon will appear in the top right corner labelled “~dev”. That’s the debug menu. Click it.

This adds a new ~dev interaction to that entity which opens a large menu that allows you to manipulate nearly everything in the sector and your inventory, and, most importantly: It allows you to view and modify variables and scripts of entities, players, sectors and so on.

Avorion Console Commands & Cheats – Cheats

  • Credits cheat: /give PlayerName X credits: gives X credits to PlayerName
  • Materials cheat: /give PlayerName X OreName: gives X OreName to PlayerName

Example: /give avoriongamer 5000 credit

Avorion Console Commands & Cheats – Console Commands

These are all the console commands:

  • /help: shows help message
  • /w PlayerName: Private message to PlayerName
  • /save: saves the current sate
  • /stop: stops the server
  • /seed: seed of the server
  • /version: Current server version
  • /suicide: destroys the current ship
  • /player: number of players
  • /status: Server’s current status info
  • /admin -a PlayerName: Makes PlayerName admin
  • /admin -r PlayerName: Removes PlayerName as admin
  • /kick PlayerName: Kicks PlayerName
  • /ban PlayerName: Bans PlayerName
  • /unban PlayerName: Unbans PlayerName
  • /banip PlayerIP: Bans PlayerName
  • /unbanip PlayerIP: Unbans PlayerName
  • /blacklist: blacklist options
  • /whitelist: whitelist options

Avorion Console Commands & Cheats – Admin Commands

These are all the admin commands:

  • /max-logs [value]: Max Logs value
  • /difficulty [value]: Values from -3 to 3 (default = 0)
  • /collision-damage [value] Value = 1 is full damage, but 0 is no damage
  • /port [value]: Default value = 27000
  • /exit-on-last-admin-logout: shut down when last administrator logs out
  • /public [value]: the server will allow or not other players to join
  • /infinite-resources [value]: for all players
  • /listed [value]the server will show up or not on public server lists
  • /max-players [value]: Default = 10
  • /save-interval [value]: timestep between savings (Default: 300)
  • /same-start-sector arg: all players will start in the same sector or not
  • /server-name [value]: server name
  • /use-steam-networking [value]: use steam networking and authentication for users
  • /galaxy-name [value]: galaxy name, appended to datapath, final path will be [datapath]/[galaxyname]
  • /datapath [value]: the galaxies’ folder
  • /admin [value]: steam ids of the admins
  • /threads [value]: Number of threads to update the sectors
  • /t [ –trace ] [value]: tracing options. Values are: network, scripting, threading, io, database, input, error, warning, exception, user, game, system, debug, sound, gl, and also all
  • /stderr-to-log: redirect std error output from console to log file
  • /stdout-to-log: redirect std console output from console to log file

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