Barotrauma Console Commands (2023)

Barotrauma Console Commands

Last Updated on 30 November, 2023

Barotrauma Console Commands – Tons of commands – All the Cheats, Editors, Moderation, Server Settings, and Debugging console commands

How to Enable Console?

Just press F3 to open & close the console

Barotrauma Console Commands – Submarine Editor

  • alpha [0-255]: to set the alpha transparency
  • color [0-255] [0-255] [0-255]: to set the RGB values
  • load [submarine name]: To load a submarine
  • multiplylights [R,G,B,A]: to multiply the colors & alphas
  • reloadsprite: to reload the sprites
  • resetall: to reset all items & structures
  • resetentitiesbyidentifier [identifier]: to reset items & structures with the identifier
  • resetselected: to reset selected items & structures
  • save [submarine name]: To save current submarine
  • setentityproperties [property name] [value]: to set properties of items & structures

Barotrauma Console Commands – Campaign

  • campaigndestination [index]: To set target location
  • campaigninfo: Current campaign info
  • setlocationreputation [value]: to set reputation
  • togglecampaignteleport: ability to teleport by double-clicking
  • pause: to pause game (singleplayer exclusive)

Barotrauma Console Commands – Moderation

  • ban [character name]: to ban character
  • banendpoint [IP Address/SteamID]: to ban ip or steam id
  • banid [clientID]: to ban client id
  • clientlist: List of players
  • givecommandperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: permission to use console commands
  • giveperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to give permissions
  • giverank [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to give rank
  • kick [character name]: to kick character
  • kickid [clientID]: to kick id
  • killdisconnecttimer [seconds]: disconnecter players die after [seconds]
  • mute [character name]: to mute a character
  • resetkarma [clientID]: to reset karma
  • revokecommandperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: Removes player’s permission to use console commands
  • revokeperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to remove permissions
  • setkarma [clientID] [0-100]: to set karma
  • showkarma: to show karma
  • showperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to show permissions
  • togglecharacternames: shows names above players
  • togglekarma: toggles karma
  • togglekarmatestmode: toggles karma test mode
  • unban [character name]: to unban character
  • unbanip [IP Address]: to unban ip
  • unmute [character name]: to unmute character

Barotrauma Console Commands – Server Settings

  • autorestart [true/false]: enables autorestart timer
  • autorestartinterval [seconds]: delay between rounds
  • autorestart timer [seconds]: timer value
  • botcount [0-16]: amount of bots
  • botspawnmode [fill/normal]: bots spawn mode
  • difficulty [0-100]: sets difficulty
  • startwhenclientsready [true/false]: enables autorestart timer when players are ready

Barotrauma Console Commands – Cheats

  • ballastflora infect: Infects random pump
  • ballastflora growthwarp [number]: + growth speed
  • enablecheats: to enable cheats
  • explosion [range] [force] [damage] [structural damage] [item damage] [emp strength] [ballast flora strength]: creates a explosion
  • fire: creates fire where you point
  • fixwalls/fixhulls: fill all walls
  • fixitems: to restore all items
  • freecam: free camera
  • giveaffliction [affliction] [affliction strength] [character name]: Affliction to character
  • godmode: god mode
  • godmode_mainsub: god mnode for main submarine
  • heal [character name]: to heal character
  • killmonsters: to kill al level’s monsters
  • lighting: Toggles lighting
  • los: Toggle line-of-sight occlusion
  • oxygen/air: every room oxygen 100%
  • power: for all nuclear reactors
  • respawnnow: trigger a respawn
  • revive [character name]: to revive a character
  • setclientcharacter [client name] [character name]: gives control of the character
  • setskill [all/indentifier] [max/level] [character name]: to set skills
  • spawn [creaturename/jobname] [near/inside/outside/cursor]: to spawn creatures
  • spawnitem [item name/identifier] [cursor/inventory/cargo/random/[character name]]: to spawn items
  • teleportcharacter [character name]: to the cursor position
  • teleportsub [start/end/cursor]: teleport submarine to the cursor position
  • upgradeitem [upgrade] [level] [items]: to upgrade items
  • water: toggles water, left click > adds, right click > drains

Barotrauma Console Commands – Debugging

In- Game

  • autoitemplacerdebug: automatic item placer debug info
  • calculatehashes [content package name]: MD5 hashes of the files
  • checkcrafting: Checks item crafting and recipes
  • debugai: AI debug mode
  • debugdraw: debug drawing mode
  • disablecrewai: Disables AI crewmembers
  • disableenemyai: Disables  AI enemies.
  • dumpentitytexts [filename.txt]: descriptions of every entity prefab
  • dumpeventtexts [filename.txt]: every event file
  • dumptexts [filename.xml]: specified .xml file to a .txt file
  • editcharacters: character editor
  • editevents: event editor
  • editlevels: level editor
  • editparticles: particle editor
  • editsprites: sprite editor
  • editsubs: submarine editor
  • enablecrewai: Enables AI crewmembers
  • enableenemyai: Enables  AI enemies.
  • eventmanager:  master event manager
  • findentityids [entity name]: entityID of the specified entity
  • fpscounter: Toggles FPS
  • game: game view
  • gender [Male/Female/None]: switches gender
  • head [head id] [hair id] [beard id] [moustache id] [face attachment id]: Head sprite
  • hudlayoutdebugdraw: Toggles debug drawing mode of HUD
  • interactdebugdraw: Toggles debug drawing mode of item interaction
  • itemlist/items: all item prefabs
  • jointscale [value] [character name]: joint scaling for the character
  • limbscale [value] [character name]: limb scaling for the character
  • listtasks: all asynchronous tasks
  • loadtexts [sourcefile.txt] [destinationfile.xml]: text from a .txt file to a .xml
  • loadwearable [id]: select a certain job loadout
  • lock: to lock movement (main submarine)
  • lockx: to lock movement (main submarine) x (left/right direction)
  • locky : to lock movement (main submarine) y (up/down direction)
  • mainmenu/menu: Main menu
  • messagebox [header] [message] [default/in-game]: creates a message box
  • race [White, Black, Asian, None]: Sets the race
  • ragdoll [character name]: ragdolls the character
  • ragdollscale [character name]: To define ragdoll scale
  • recreateragdoll [character name]: to recreate the ragdoll
  • reloadwearables [character name]: Reloads the sprites of all limbs and clothes
  • resetragdoll [character name]: to reset ragdoll
  • showperf: Toggles HUD Statistics
  • showseed: current level seed
  • spawnsub [submarine name]: to spawn a submarine
  • starttraitormissionimmediately: to skip the delay of the traitor mission
  • toggleaitargets: Toggles visiblity AI targets
  • togglehud: Toggles lower HUD elements
  • toggleitemhighlights: item highlight effect
  • toggleupperhud: Toggles upper HUD elements
  • triggerevent [id]: random event
  • updatetextfile [sourcefile.txt/.xml] [destinationfile.txt/.xml]
  • verboselogging: Toggles verbose logging


  • netstats: Network stats
  • simulatedduplicateschance [0.00-1.00]: Simulates packet duplication in network messages
  • simulatedlatency [min. latency (seconds)] [rand. latency (seconds)]: Simulates latency in network messages
  • simulatedloss [0.00-1.00]: Simulates packet loss in network messages
  • steamnetdebug: Toggles Steamworks

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