Viscerafest Cheats – Developer mode

Viscerafest Cheats

Last Updated on 20 September, 2023

Viscerafest Cheats – Developer mode – Learn to enable the developer mode and enjoy tons of cheat codes and hotkeys

Whether you find the game difficult, or if you simply want to have fun cheating, we are going to explain how to use the cheats, and the effect of each of them. In order to use the cheats you have to activate the developer mode from the steam library, so that is the first thing we are going to explain

Ho to Enable Developer Mode?

Cheats & hotkeys are only available in developer mode

To enable developer mode navigate to the Steam Library and:

  1. Go to the list of games
  2. Right Click on Viscerafest
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Go to the General tab (the first tab of the left menu)
  5. Type “-dev” (without ” “) in the launch options text area
  6. Close the window and launch the game

Now that you are playing in developer mode, you can use cheats & Hotkeys

Viscerafest Cheats – Full List

Just enter any of these cheats or codes while you are playing in developer mode

  • awesreek: Set Awes Face…
  • frespects: Kills all enemies
  • amghp: Toggles invicibility
  • 4ever: Adds 50 save becons
  • mounlocking: Gives you all 3 keys.
  • sarapockets: Unlocks all weapons
  • fpgap: Sets max ammo for all weapons

Viscerafest Cheats – Hotkeys

Just press any of these keys while you are playing in developer mode

  • End: Stops a dialogue during boss fight
  • Enter (Return): high-res screenshot (but create a folder before)
  • Backspace: Toggles Noclip
  • Right arrow: Finish the level
  • Down arrow: Go to the hub
  • Comma (key): Speed up the game
  • Period (key): Slow the game down
  • Slash key – /: Show debug stats?

We hope this guide has been useful to you and it did not take you long to activate the developer mode. If you get tired of using cheats, it’s as easy as reopening the steam library and deleting the “-dev” text from the launch options.

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