Bad Teacher Walkthrough & Guide

Bad Teacher Walkthrough

Last Updated on 8 March, 2023

Welcome to The Bad Teacher Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

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Bad Teacher Walkthrough – Prologue

  • Be polite (+1 Angel) or Be rude (+1 Devil)
  • Tell her she’s a… (+1 Devil +1 Becky Passion and aslo Becslut) or Compliment her (+1 Angel +1 Becky Affinity)
  • Tell hers she’s pretty as… (+1 Mara Affinity)
  • Check out her legs (+1 Devil) or Don’t check out her legs… (no points)
  • All right (no points) or Tell her her beauty… (+1 Rai Affinity)
  • Go back into the..> Leave (+1 Angel) or Stay (+1 Devil and also +1 Rai Passion)

Save point

  • Refuse
  • Take a shower with her (+1 Kate Affinity and also +2 Kate Passion) > Play along with (+2 Mara Passion)
  • Go to Mara’s Room (+1 Mara Passion and also +1 Mara Affinity and opens Mara Relation) > Inside (+1 Devil) or other choices (no points)
  • Go further (+4 Zara Passion and also +1 Zara Affinity) or Back off (no points)

Bad Teacher Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • Peek (+1 Meg Passion) or don’t (no points)
  • Hell yes (+1 Rai passion) or avoid question (no points)
  • I’d love to (+1 Rai Affinity) or Sorry I don’t think I… (no points)

Requires: I’d love to

  • Give Becky what you… (+1 Becky affinity and also +1 Becky passion) > They are amazing + Hell yes (+1 Becky affinity and also +1 Becky passion) or Joke about them (no points)
  • I think you’re absolutely…(+1 Becky affinity) or Meh (+1 Devil)
  • It would be funny to… (+1 Becky affinity and also+1 Devil)
  • Tell her escapism can be… (+1 Jul Affinity)

Requires: Mara Relation

  • Sure (+1 Row Affinity)
  • Imagine her in her…> Tell her she’s not (+1 Row Affinity) or Put your hand on (+1 Row Passion)
  • There’s one better… (+1 Mara Passion) or Funny, like I’m a clown… (+1 Mara Affinity)
  • Tell her not to stop (+1 Mara Passion and also +1 Mara Affinity) > Finger (+1 Mara Passion)
  • Just concentrate on…(+1 Mara Passion) > where ever you want (+1 Mara Affinity)

Save Point

  • Date both girls: Keep both routes
  • This is getting to weird…: End both routes
  • I only want to date Mara: End Kate’s route
  • I only want to date Kate: End Mara’s route

Requires: Not in Mara Relation

  • Sure (+1 Row Affinity)
  • Imagine her in her…> Tell her she’s not (+1 Row Affinity) or Put your hand on (+1 Row Passion)
  • Spy on the girls in the …
  • J*rk o*f in the shower
  • Offer the help she needs (+1 Kam Affinity)
  • Eat her c…
  • Buy ‘Forest of Desire’ for… (Opens Julie Relation)
  • Compliment Deedee… (+1 Deedee Affinity and also +1 Deedee Passion)
  • Hold onto her instead (+1 Rai Passion)
  • Pick up the ho*k*r
  • They’re beautiful (+1 Angel) or I like them bigger (+1 Devil)

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