Behind the Dune Walkthrough

Behind the Dune Walkthrough

Last Updated on 13 October, 2021

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Unlock every event, location & scene with every available character in the game

Pick Duncan Idaho in the communications room and start the routes in order:

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Jessica

Meet Lady Jessica and choose:

  • What does this Reverend Mother expect from me
  • The Reverend Mother is so h…
  • It’s okay, I will handle it
  • Can I play with them?

Jessica’s library test

Now ask Jessica to follow you and meet the Reverend Mother in the library (requires 2 correct answers

  • Your presence honors our family Reverend Mother
  • Do you know what makes a man, young Atreides?
  • Being prepared to do the right thing or A pair of testicles
  • You have been trapped by an enemy of your kind..
  • Fake that I’m dead or Kill myself so I won’t be tortured..
  • (Requires a fast answer) Stop, I’m not an animal

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Reverend Mother

Get the ornithopter, go to the village, talk to the smuggler and choose:

  • I need to find workers to hire
  • Go to the sietch (map), unlock Sabibah, click x4 on the red button
  • Recycling “water”… You drink your urine?


Visit the sietches (map), meet a freemen, and keep visiting them until you unlock the shorthair freemen (Ambarin). Then use the Voice (learned from Jessica in act 1) on each fremen after:

  • Let’s not talk about spice

Send spice to the emperor (communications room) to unlock Stilgar in front of the palace. Then Make him meet Duke Leto, then visit the 2 new sietches

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – The Spice

Buy a harvester from the Smuggler (village) and give it to a  Fremen that lives in an area with 3% chance of sandworms. Get enouch spice, skip days or also send the freemen without harvesters to a an area with a high chance of sandworms. Now you can go to the smuggler and play any of the scenes

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Palace

  • Go to the palace and choose
    • I don’t want to die a virgin.
    • Can I taste your p before
    • [Get und
  • Captain: Use her grenades to escape and go to Sietch Ergsun
  • Talk to Chani until: Be mine forever, sexy lady. Then answer:
    • Stillsuit
    • House Harkonnen
    • Blood saturated with spice
    • Shai-Hulud
    • Shaitan
  • Events with Chani

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Jessica

  • Unlock Voice lvl 2: Talk to Jessica
  • There are new events with Ambarin, Zakiya & Khaira
  • Try the voice on Jessica (requires 3 or 4 attemps) and unlock more events with her
  • Wait two days after meeting Chani, and talk to Jessica about Paul’s vision
  • Follow Stiglar to the village
  • Talk to Spacing Guild Navigator until: special equipments
  • Buy a ghola (smuggler) > choose Ghola Duncan
  • Wait 10 days and meet Jessica for new events
  • If you have killed Stilgar
    • Replace Stilgar with his ghola
    • Buy the atomics from the smuggler
  • Follow the ghola to the new sietch and find the atomics
  • Meet Stilgar > Meet his daughter
  • Use an ornithopter to go to the palace for the final battle > Talk to Princess Irulan (Communications room) > My eyes have changed, and the way I see things too

Behind the Dune Walkthrough – Epilogues & Endings

  • Bad ending: Nice, I am the duke Atreides now
  • God ending: You both killed my father, bitches > Yes, exactly what my mother said
  • Normal ending: I don’t care about being an emperor. They must die > Continue > Kill the baron
  • Best ending: I don’t care about being an emperor. They must die > Continue > Let’s make an alliance, baron

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