Undercover Love Walkthrough

Undercover Love Walkthrough

Last Updated on 13 October, 2021

Undercover Love Walkthrough – Best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the characters in the game

Undercover Love Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

  • Give her advice
  • Warn her about mans motives
  • Tell her she’s attractive
  • Door at the top of the stairs
  • Check out Claudia
    • Jeni: Claudia’s Type > …really a nice person
    • Sasha: Peek inside > Keep watching > Close and knock > If you want…
    • Kathryn:
  • Knock on the door
  • Keep Talking
  • Skip the party at the pool
  • Compliment her dress
  • Open the door
  • Yea a little
  • Sure
  • Check out Claudia
  • Your choice > Your choice > Your choice
  • Stay with Claudia and Emma
  • Your choice
  • I’m a patient man
    • Bathroom: Knock and see > Say Something nice > Your choice
    • Sasha:
  • Your choice
  • Tell the truth
  • Your choice
  • Compliment her dress…
  • Look at the obvious bait to the left
  • Hit on Kayla Instead


  • Save and hang out with the three of them there are two scenes to unlock
    • Claudia: Your choice > I’m open.. (scene)
    • Jeni: Not precisely > Not at all > Don’t tell her (scene)
    • Sasha:
  • Is that an offer?
  • I’ve always wanted…
  • Your choice
  • Choose all (3 options)
  • Your choices > Stay here a bit longer > Keep watching (v0.5 last choice, SAVE here for future updates)
  • End of the v0.5 Update

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