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Best Bloxburg Houses house mansion

Last Updated on 2 June, 2022

Welcome to the Best Bloxburg Houses – Ideas for the house of your dreams, your villa or even your mansion, also ideas to recreate without gamepass and no more than 10k budget.

¿How to Build a House?

First of all a video guide of the youtuber Anix, a step by step guide to builld a house in Welcome to Bloxburg:

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Best Bloxburg Houses

Some examples of the best houses you can build in Welcome to Bloxburg, the best ideas for the house of your dreams:

Minimalist Villa 59k House – by Cylito

This amazing Minimalist Villa with pool, by the youtuber Cylito, has a value of only 59k. It’s not a mansion, but the desing of the house is amazing:

Cozy Modern House 118k – by Ayzria

This Cozy Modern House by the youtuber Ayzria, is quite bigger, and also double value (118k), but just take a look. If you are looking for the house of your dreams…

Cheap or Budget House 10k – by Ayzria

This Cheap or Budget House by the youtuber Ayzria, is a great choice if you want something easy, and cheap (just 10k!). You can recreate it in a few minutes and also without gamepasses

Winter Family House 82k – by frenchrxses

This Winter Family House, by frenchrxses, has a value of 82k, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, office, laundry, etc. And requires gamepasses: multiple floors, and also advanced placement

Cheap No Gamepass House 10k – by Ethrielle

Another great example of what you can build without gamepass and a limited budget. If you want to recreate something cheap, this Cheap no gamepass House 10k by Ethrielle is also a great choice

Best Bloxburg Mansions

Some examples of the best mansions you can build in Welcome to Bloxburg, the best ideas for the mansion of your dreams:

Oasis Villa 344k Mansion – by Cylito

If you can afford it, this is one of the best mansions you can recreate in Welcome to Bloxburg. The Oasis Villa 344k Mansion, by Cylito is absolutely amazing, as you can see in the video:

Modern Mansion 202k – by Ayzria

Another amazing mansion wich design could be use to make it into a nice hotel. Modern Mansion 202k, also By Ayrizia is a 35 x 16, 8 bedrooms, and 5,5 bathrooms mansion. Of course this house requires gamepases: advanced placement, multiple stories, large plot

French Colonial Mansion – by Nixilia

French Colonial Mansion by Nixilia. It is expensive for an exterior (54,000), and requires gamepass: advanced placement, multiple floors, and basement, but as you can see, it is totally amazing:

Underground Mansion 84k – by Ethrielle

If you want some original ideas for your house or mansion, take a look at the Underground Mansion 84k, by Ethrielle. As you can see you don’t need to much to make something cool:

Do you have any other ideas? maybe also your own house desing? Tell us in the comments section, below

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  1. Ayzria really helped me find my own style as before I would make the most mismatching homes and it would be either empty or extremely cluttered! i really love her no gamepass houses and I really recommend watching her videos for any beginners or house builders!
    From, Ana

  2. Thank you so much! This has helped me build my friends house and she IS IN LOVE. We both thank you, have a nice day ❤️

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