Welcome to Bloxburg Update – v 0.10.3

Welcome to Bloxburg Update

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – December 2021. All the changes of the latest updates – You could find updates like events, decorations, fixed bugs, new music and More

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – April 2022 – v 0.10.5

  • Added new shelves and various clutter items.
  • Changed plot selection interface.
  • Increased resell value for recently placed objects.
  • Major backend changes.
  • Minor interface and animation improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – February 2022 – v 0.10.4

  • Added Valentines themed furniture and items.
  • Re-added So Sweet stand outside BFF Supermarket.
  • Added modern and industrial themed furniture.
  • Added new windows and doors.
  • Added wall insets and an arched wall opening.
  • Added player nametag visibility setting.
  • Neighborhood co-owners can now use freecam.
  • Removed snow, winter decorations, fireworks, sledding and ice skating.
  • Major backend changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – December 2021 – v 0.10.3

  • Happy New Year! Re-added fireworks!
  • Added fireworks display at City Hall.
  • Added New Years and party themed items.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Removed Christmas and Holiday themed objects and decoration.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – December 2021 – v 0.10.2

  • Winter is here! Bloxburg is now covered in snow! :snowflake::snowman:
  • Re-added Sledding, Ice Skating, Santa Photo-Op and Tom’s Tree Lot.
  • Added winter and holiday themed decorations, furniture and food.
  • Added Sno-Tek LongTrak Snowmobile and Snow Scooter.
  • Added ability to place wreaths on most doors.
  • Added background music volume setting.
  • Most seasonal objects now work with Scale tool.
  • Major bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – v 0.10.1

  • Added new kitchen and food themed items.
  • Added transparent beam and rod structurals.
  • Food items can now be used multiple times before they disappear.
  • General food model and animation improvements.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Reverted pool water visuals.
  • Major bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – v 0.10.0

  • Happy Fall! :fallen_leaf::jack_o_lantern:
  • Added Fall and Halloween themed items, foods and locations.
  • Added Plenty O’ Pumpkins & Orchard farm.
  • Added ghost cookies, pumpkin muffins and tombstone brownies.
  • Added pumpkin plants, corn stalks and corn stalk fence.
  • Added thunderstorms and lightning.
  • Added time, weather and ground color override settings for neighborhoods.
  • Added 3, 6 and 12 month neighborhood renewal tiers.
  • Tweaked weather visuals.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

Welcome to Bloxburg Update – v 0.9.9

  • Added 5 billion visits trophy.
  • Added new water slides, pool ladders, hot tub and pool lights.
  • Added ability to build custom water slides.
  • Added ability to select owned images in Change Picture menu.
  • Improved slide physics.
  • Changed pool water appearance.
  • Major bug fixes.

v 0.9.8

  • Re-added fireworks!
  • Added ability to resize most windows and door frames.
  • Added trimless wall openings.
  • Added barrel grill and BBQ sauce.
  • Added steak and corn on the cob.
  • Added more basic shapes.
  • Added various new placeable objects.
  • Added display name support.
  • Minor cooking changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

v 0.9.7

  • Added BloxMX bike, mountain bikes, training wheels bike and kick scooter.
  • Added water balloons, sidewalk chalk and a slip & slide.
  • Added bubble blowing, roller skating and kite flying.
  • Added ice pops, lemonade, iced tea and glass beverage dispenser.
  • Added several new basic shapes.
  • Added cattails and lily pads.
  • Made more objects scalable.
  • Changed Blockbux item undo behavior.
  • Minor general changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

v 0.9.5

  • Removed snow, winter decorations, fireworks, sledding and ice skating.
  • Removed RB Battles Challenge maze.
  • Added new furniture items.
  • Added new curtains and blinds.
  • Added ability to open and close most curtains.
  • Multiple curtains can be placed on same window with Advanced Placing gamepass.
  • Greatly increased flower withering time.
  • General interface improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.

About Bloxburg

Build and design your own house, vehicles, and more.

Explore the city of Bloxburg!

The possibilities are endless!

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