Best RAAL MG Loadout in MW2 (2023)

best raal mg loadout

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

Best RAAL MG Loadout in Modern Warfare 2 – This is the best configuration for the Modern Warfare 2 RAAL LMG, including the best attachments and perks.

For those LMG fans who played Modern Warfare 2, the RAAL MG might be just the weapon for you. This is the best build of the RAAL MG, including the best accessories, perks and equipment.

How to unlock the RAAL MG in MW2?

The RAAL MG can be unlocked by reaching level 25 in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Make sure you use any double XP tokens you may need to level up and unlock RAAL MG ASAP.

Best RAAL MG Loadout – Best Attachments

  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Stock: FSS Riot Stock
  • Underbarrel: Demo Narrow Grip

First, the FTAC Reaper has increased damage range and projectile velocity, but reduced mobility. This will make the RAAL MG more effective at taking down enemies within range, which is what this weapon excels at.

To offset the loss of mobility, the FSS OLE-V Laser and FSS Anti-Riot Stock restore some aiming speed, while the Demo Narrow Grip and Cronen Mini Pro Optics increase accuracy, aim stability and recoil stability to help you stay in the on target.

Perks & Equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Bomb Squad
  • Base Perk 2: Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Tactical Equipment: Flash Grenade
  • Lethal Equipment: Proximity Mine
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

For perks, Bomb Squad and Field-Tested are a great base perk combo to start the game and protect you from enemy equipment.

While the Modern Warfare 2 RAAL MG can take a while to reload, Fast Hands is a breeze and Ghost keeps you off the radar while building the line of sight you need to control with your weapon.

The Flash Grenade is great for dashing out of player rooms, while the Promimixty Mine stops enemies from sneaking up on you.

Finally, since RAAL isn’t very mobile, Dead Silence gives you extra speed and stealth when you need it.

Other alternatives to the RAAL MG in MW2

If you want to try an assault rifle with both long range and low recoil, you should definitely try the STB 556.

Or if you want to get a closer look with a big mag, the PDSW is a good choice

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