Casual Desires Walkthrough

Casual Desires Walkthrough

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Best choices – Max your stats to unlock all the events with all the available characters in the game

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Best choices for Chapter 1:

  • Tease them more
  • Absolutely.
  • Se*y pose
  • Why not?
  • Tell him the truth.

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Best choices for Chapter 2:

  • Yes > I want more
  • Take my top off
  • I need to know
  • I don’t see why not
  • SAVE and choose (no future impact, so just watch them)
    • Spends a loving night with her future… = Chapter 2 1st Ending
    • Experiments with another g… = Chapter 2 2nd Ending
    • Seduces two boys for fun = Chapter 2 3rd Ending

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Best choices for Chapter 3:

  • Not yet, but I’m looking
  • Now’s not the time > It was kind of exciting being seen
  • Tease the delivery body for a minute
  • …..didn’t really enjoy being stared at
  • I guess I’m pretty open minded

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Best choices for Chapter 4:

  • Order Pizza now
  • Follow him
  • Violet considers the idea
  • Go outside
  • I enjoyed the kiss.

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Best choices for Chapter 5:

  • Take a detour downtown
  • Give him some entertainment
  • I’ll call immediately
  • Give him a tug
  • Violet accepts their proposal > chose: Violet asks Sophia to join them OR Violet chooses to swap partners.
  • Send them per pictures

Casual Desires Walkthrough – Chapter 6

Best choices for Chapter 6:

  • Choose: Send it to Haruka OR Send it to Luna
  • Soak in the pool at home > Invite him over and help him out
  • Move towards one of their crotches
  • Move closer to Josh

Chapter 7

Best choices for Chapter 7:

  • Have fun with Connor
  • Go to the public pool’s locker room > Have fun with her
  • Choose: Talk to Luna OR talk to Lucas
  • Choose: Violet decides to swap partners OR Violet decides to play with Sophia

Chapter 8

Best choices for Chapter 8:

  • Let Violet continue
  • Invite Josh over > Have some fun with Josh > Your choice
  • Request a (choose male or female) delivery
  • Give Haruka a kiss
  • Examine each other.

Chapter 9

Best choices for Chapter 9:

  • Yes
  • Your choice:
    • Josh & Connor: Ask about his family > Tease them > I’m not backing ot now > your choices
    • Luna: Ask about his family > Tease them > I’m not backing ot now
    • Violet: Ask about his family > Tease them > I’m not backing ot now
    • Haruka: Ask about his family > Tease them > I’m not backing ot now
  • Spend some time in my pool
  • Invite the peeper
  • Allow him to continue
  • Give Jason a Surprise
  • Talk to him
  • Have fun with him
  • Stream with my…

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