Drama in the Office Walkthrough v1.0

Drama in the Office Walkthrough

Last Updated on 26 September, 2022

Drama in the Office Walkthrough – Best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters in the game

Drama in the Office Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Stay Cool
  • Follow his order
  • Why should I?
  • Go with her
  • Keep quiet
  • Restrain myself
  • Stay cool
  • Don’t be crazy
  • Accept
  • Yes, I am
  • Let her know that i’m single, in case she’s interested in me
  • Ask her about the beauty contest
  • Ask her to escort her home
  • Have some tea with her
  • Approach her
  • Carry her to her bedroom
  • Kiss her
  • Open…
  • Try to be a gentleman
  • Call him
  • Look for a place to sleep outside
  • It was nice
  • I don’t have any questions
  • Make something up to help her
  • Approach her
  • Help her
  • I have to be careful
  • Join them to find out why he’s here
  • Sit down and talk with her
  • Go away before i do something wrong
  • Pretend to join his business to find a way to help Himawari
  • Walk towards her
  • Yeah, I’m also hungry now
  • Sleep here
  • I’m too sleepy to roll back
  • Roll back before she finds out
  • Do what he says
  • Try to erase the tension
  • Behave myself
  • Don’t approach the door
  • Ask her
  • It’s delicious
  • Send her
  • Ask to carry it for her
  • Let her do it herself
  • Your choice
  • Draw near
  • I think is enough already
  • Ask her to have lunch out
  • Spend the night with her
  • Take her back to her apartment
  • Why not? She just want to let me in
  • Sit down and start a conversation with her
  • Ask her but try not to make it…

Drama in the Office Walkthrough – Big Choice

  • Choose: Male > Share path OR female > not sharing path (we choose not sharing)
  • Help Himawari
  • Don’t be a fool
  • Agree
  • Behave myself
  • Approach her
  • To the storage room
  • Inside
  • Work out
  • Go with them
  • Behave myself x2
  • Go meet Julieta
  • Ask her
  • I should stop…
  • Ask her
  • Do it
  • Make her ready…
  • Agree
  • Warn
  • I think we shouldn’t do it
  • Meet her tonight
  • Walk her home
  • Kiss her
  • Stay here for the night
  • Try to start a conversation with her
  • I also like romantic…
  • Try to have some fun
  • Suggest to make her…
  • …something new
  • …do it
  • Go with them
  • Dance with them, but without the other guy
  • Go with them
  • Shake…
  • Just Do it

V0.8 to V1.0 and Ending

  • It’s stupid
  • I don’t like
  • Help her
  • Lie down
  • I haven’t met
  • Tell her to escape
  • Ask Isabelle
  • Buy more time
  • of course
  • It will be nice
  • We live happily
  • I don’t want
  • Greet Monika
  • Suggest her
  • Greet her
  • Your choice

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