Chained Echoes Clan Recruit Guide – Hermit’s Isle

chained echoes clan recruit guide

Last Updated on 20 December, 2022

Chained Echoes Clan Recruit Guide – In this guide we show you how to recruit new members to successfully progress in the hermit’s island.

Chained Echoes Clan Recruit Guide

Hermit’s Isle

Starting with your new base From this point forward, Hermit’s Isle serves as the Crimson Wings’ permanent home, and despite its modest beginnings, you can significantly improve the island’s services by enlisting new clan members. This place will appear nicer as you interact with more people.

Exit the interior of Hermit’s Isle and head south. You’ll come to a dock, and you’ll see Lenne and Robb speaking to a robed woman named Falora. She’ll join the clan, and will offer to find you new recruits for 1,000a (though what she offers you are just hints). You’ll find Falora on the east side of the interior of Hermit’s Isle.

They will come to Hermit’s Isle whenever you find and recruit someone in the Crimson Wings. They’ll typically make some kind of improvement to it as well, whether it be by adding new services or just making aesthetic improvements. It makes more sense to return to Hermit’s Isle between tasks the more recruits you have. This guide will assist you in finding new recruits, some of whom are already available while many others won’t become available until later in the game.

By traveling to previously visited locations using Fast Travel, you can find new recruits.

Recruiting and Hermit’s Isle

To your base, you can recruit people. Some just come to expand the base, while others bring unique skills that help with your expeditions. You advance in rank each time your base is updated. There are a total of 4 ranks.

Recruitable after unlocking Hermit’s Isle

  • Pavel: On a raft in the southwest region of the world. gives away a gift every hour.
  • Vesta: On a lake island in the region north-east of Farnsport on the world map. shows a location with chests of treasure.
  • Bao: On Mount Rydell’s top, where you fought the Kortara Kondor. There is a 50% chance that enemies will give you additional SP.
  • Guy: On the upper level in the northern area of Wyrnshire.
  • Bernd:  inside a residence in Rockbottom. He gifts you with a Soul of Farnese once you have attained the highest clan rank.
  • Deimsch: Smith in Farnsport who assisted you with the crafting tutorial is near to the bazaar. – In your base, allow you to use an anvil.
  • Tellah: Island in western Arkant – Indicates the locations of items in the deals menu and inventories.
  • Gormit: On Hooge’s eastern platform
  • Eddie: on a flying airship over the western region of the world map. Let you listen some songs.
  • Pignon: The story takes place in the Perpetua forest, where you can view many animals and flora in a peaceful environment.
  • Falora: Just go to Hermit’s Isle’s south. provides tips on where to look for new recruits.

Recruitable after reaching clan rank 2 and reaching act 3

  • Murchand: Opens a store on Hermit’s Isle, Flandern
  • Bob: in Tormund West’s park.
  • Archy: Shambala Island
  • Kayn Sivar: entrance to Farnsport. Enables the usage of other airship models.
  • Linus: Circling around in the Tormund Underground as random SFX are being played.
  • Thopas: Shambala. Transformed into a Sova. – Crystal Sources net an additional crystal.
  • Triony: Catching fish close in Farnsport, near Magnolia’s home. He gives you with a Soul of Farnese once you have reached the highest clan rank.

Recruitable when reaching clan rank 3 and reaching act 4

  • Gimaj: Battles in western Ograne’s Under Waterfall have a 50% chance of earning 5 extra SP.
  • Zellor: In the Perpetua Desert, camp. Costs for shopping are reduced by 25%.
  • Bernd’s Wife: Choose which types of crystals Crystal Sources drop using Rockbottom.
  • Jack: Fiorwood’s middle
  • Fridolyn: On a vacation island following his quest.

About Chained Echoes

Chained Heroes is a Japanese story-driven role-playing game in which a group of young people travel through the great continent of Valandis to put an end to the war between its three kingdoms.

During the journey, they will visit a wide variety of landscapes ranging from windswept plateaus and exotic archipelagos to sunken cities and forgotten dungeons.

Pick up your sword, channel your magic or hop into your Mech. Chained Echoes is an RPG with a classic 16-bit aesthetic. The story takes place in a fantasy world where it’s just as easy to encounter dragons as it is to encounter steerable mech suits.

Follow a group of heroes as they explore a land filled with captivating characters, fantastic landscapes and ruthless enemies.

Can you restore peace to a continent that has been at war for generations and where treachery lurks around every corner?


  • 30-40 hours of gameplay
  • Fast-paced turn-based battles.
  • No random encounters. Enemies are always visible.
  • A lot of items can be obtained, stolen or crafted.
  • Complex system of skills and equipment.
  • Customize your airship.
  • Fight and travel on foot or aboard your Mech.
  • Classic 16-bit aesthetics.
  • Music inspired by the soundtrack of the best classic RPGs.

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