Characters Ranking of Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Characters Ranking of Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Last Updated on 18 May, 2023

Characters Ranking of Roblox All Star Tower Defense. The best Guide for PVP Mode Domination, just check their rarity and distinctive abilities.

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Characters Ranking of Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Your Ultimate Guide for PVP Mode Domination! Thriving in Roblox All Star Tower Defense’s Player versus Player (PVP) mode presents a unique challenge, starkly differing from story or infinite game modes. It entails engaging in real-time combat with other formidable opponents, mandating an elite roster of characters at your disposal. As you traverse the myriad assortment of 100+ characters, units like True Evil, DemonLord Waifu, and Octo The Greedy undeniably stand out. However, there are other lesser-known characters primed to give these top tiers a run for their money.

Your quest in PVP begins after reaching the minimum level 15. But who to choose for your loadout? This article will unveil the top-ranked characters in Roblox All Star Tower Defense, breaking down their unique abilities, and showcasing their strengths.

The Roster of Champions in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

From 1 to 10

  1. Stampede (Mob)Rarity: 7
    Regarded as the game’s top tower, Stampede’s Esper Rage inflicts over 7.5 billion damage to all enemy units on the map in a single instance, a blow that no unit can withstand.
  2. Devil (Diavolo) – Rarity: 7
    In addition to his outrageous Bleed damage, Devil uses his special Erased ability to stop time, reduce all enemies’ health to 65%, and teleport them back.
  3. Metal Freezer (Meta-Cooler) – Rarity: 7
    Deemed the best air unit in the game, Metal Freezer’s cloning ability allows him to spawn a 22 million HP clone on any path.
  4. DemonLord Waifu – Rarity: 6
    DemonLord Waifu, the superior six-star tower in the game, leverages its Steal Soul ability to transform various enemy types into regular foes.
  5. Wrathdioas (Demon King) – Rarity: 7
    His Disintegrate power can shave off 40% of all enemies’ health. He also boosts other money-based support units by 20%.
  6. True Evil (Full Power) – Rarity: 7
    Unleash the unique Decay power to drain the HP of all enemies within True Evil’s range down to 65%.
  7. Borul (SUPA III) – Rarity: 7
    Borul Supa III flaunts the third-highest DPS in the game, dealing a staggering million-plus damage per second.
  8. Red Eye Warrior Paths (Six Paths Obito) – Rarity: 6
    Boasting the most extensive AoE range in ATSD, Obito also claims the highest damage numbers for the Black Flame skill, reaching up to 34 million.
  9. Dark (Yami) – Rarity: 6
    Yami is a powerhouse, capable of dealing nearly 40 million burn damage over 20 ticks, making it an indispensable asset.
  10. Nezichi (Awakened) – Rarity: 6
    Nezichi excels at inflicting potent raw and burn-based damage, with her range outmatching other similar units.

From 11 to 18

  1. Jeff (CEO) – Rarity: 6
    Speedwagon, or Jeff, outperforms as the finest money unit in the game. At the highest upgrade level, he generates nearly 150K money per wave.
  2. Black Stache (Timeskip) – Rarity: 6
    Unlike Ikki, Black Stache slows down enemies to twice their original speed, no orb required. The only limitation? He can’t target air troops, rendering him ideal for ground battles.
  3. Jokatu Koju IV – Rarity: 6
    At level 2, Koju unlocks the Timestop ability, enabling him to manually stop all enemies within his range for a crucial 5 seconds.
  4. Humble-Swordman (Awoken) – Rarity: 6
    His sunburn damage ability reduces enemy speed by 18% and can provide a 15% attack boost to mutilate-type units when equipped as a captain.
  5. Octo The Greedy – Rarity: 6
    Just as Speedwagon, Octo boasts the ability to generate close to 150K money per wave. His Cash Out ability ensures the collection of stored money.
  6. Red Servant (Final) – Rarity: 6
    Equipped with the Special Sword Blocker ability, Red Servant can halt enemies from entering any area for an impressive duration of 28 seconds.
  7. Ikki(Dark) – Rarity: 6
    Ikki possesses the unique Dark Spiritual Orb, which significantly slows down enemy movement, doubling their speed permanently. He stands out as the lone unit in ASTD with the ability to impede air enemies.
  8. Skeleton (Artist) – Rarity: 6
    This character’s Music ability is a game-changer, buffing your team’s damage up to a whopping 250%, and extending the range by 20%. Skeleton(Artist) is the only unit in ASTD to elevate both range and damage.

About Characters Ranking

Is the ranking, starting from the the first spot, along with their rarity and distinctive abilities.

In Roblox All Star Tower Defense, knowledge is power. Arm yourself with this character guide to outsmart your opponents and conquer the PVP mode

All Star Tower Defense or ASTD, by Top Down Games, Roblox Game Site > Here

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