Colony Survival Tin Location & Mining Guide

Colony Survival Tin Location & Mining

Last Updated on 2 February, 2023

Colony Survival Tin Location & Mining Guide – All the steps, locations and tips to get all the Tin you need in less than a minute

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Colony Survival Tin Location & Mining Guide – How to Mine Tin?

The Tin is extracted from the Infinite Tin. The Miner can extract Tin from the Infinite Tin block, while the Player can only destroy it. But the most important thing is that you know that if you destroy the Infinite Tin block you will only get one Tin, while if you extract it without destroying the block, you can get infinite Tin from a single block. So in order not to waste Infinite Tin blocks, make sure to extract Tin from the Infinite Tin block with the Miner.

Miner Job

Miner job: Mining is a job that you can be assign to colonists. To place the job, left click with the command tool and select the “Miner” role. If you are going to put a miner to work It is recommended to place a crate nearby so that they can access the stockpile.

Colony Survival Tin Location & Mining Guide – Location

All oreblocks are always found at a certain depth below the surface. And all the Oreblocks can be grouped in one of the four possible layers. In Infinite Tin block it is found in the second layer, commonly known as the Iron Layer. Specifically, its exact depth is 23, the same as the Gypsum or Iron.

Video Tutorial

Finally, we leave you this Super Gaming video guide where you can see how to put everything we have told you into practice. It is much easier than it seems, it takes the youtuber just over a minute to start extracting Tin

We hope we have resolved all your doubts about Tin and its extraction.

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