Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands

Last Updated on 2 February, 2023

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands – Cheats, Colony Commands, Server Commands, Permissions, and Debug Commands available

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How to enable cheats / open the console?

Just open the chat and enter the chat command “/cheats on” if you don’t want to use cheats anymore enter “/cheats off

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands – Cheats

These are all the available cheats:

  • Kill all Zombies: /deus vult [playername]
  • Set player health: /sethealth [HealthValue]
  • Loot an item: /loot [itemname] [amount] [playername]
  • Add all items to Colony: /lootall [amount]
  • Show the seed (curent world): /worldseed
  • Fly: /setflight [true] (you can also press F to fly)
  • Teleport (yourself): /teleport + whatever you prefer (coordinates xyz, npcshop, banner, spawn, crate, player name, colony name)
  • Teleport (other player): /teleportother + whatever you prefer (banner, here, x y z)
  • Show ticks per second: /tps
  • Set time: /time add X (x= number of hours you want to add)

But there are more useful commands (no cheats)

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands – Colony

  • Add player to Colony: /colony addowner [playername]
  • Remove player from colony: /colony removeowner [playername]
  • List of colonies: /colony printhere
  • Promote to colony leader: /colony setleader [playername]

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands – Server

  • Manual Safe: /save
  • Save world & create zip file: /backup
  • Set Spawn (current player position): /setspawn
  • Show whitelist: /whitelist
  • Add or remove players from whitelist: /whitelist add [playername] or /whitelist remove [playername]
  • Show blacklist: /blacklist
  • Add or remove players from blacklist: /blacklist add [playername] or /blacklist remove [playername]
  • Add permission to player: /addpermission [permission] [playername]
  • Remove permission from player: /removepermission [permission] [playername]
  • Add permission group to player: /addgroup [group] [playername]
  • Remove permission group from player: /removegroup [group] [playername]
  • Set permision group of player: /setgroup [group] [playername]
  • Reload permissions: /reloadpermission

Debug Commands

  • Points Value (active colony): /debug colonypoints [value]
  • Take Colonies ownership: /debug ownall
  • One time lag spike: /debug lagspike [time]
  • Simulation speed: /debug setsimspeed [value] (default = 1)
  • Current simulation speed: /debug getsimspeed
  • Reset simulation speed: /debug resetsimspeed
  • Research everything (current colony): /debug researchall
  • Print current biome: /debug printbiome
  • Print Rough Biome: /debug printbiomerough
  • Precise Biome: /debug printbiomeprecise
  • Clear area (around player): /debug clearcube [number]
  • Fill area (around player): /debug complexblocks [number]
  • Check lighting: /debug lightcheck
  • Check a texture: /debug texturecheck
  • Log item categories: /debug logcategories
  • Remove a block: /debug removeblockhere
  • Place a block: /debug placeblockhere
  • Print block info: /debug printblockhere
  • Kill all npcs: /debug killnpcs
  • Spawn + Banner: /debug spawnbanner
  • Clear inventory (player): /debug clearinventory
  • Clear stockpile (colony): /debug clearstockpile
  • Drain all water: /debug drain [chunks]
  • Debug infos: /debug void
  • Regenerate icon mappings: /debug generateiconmapping [iconfolder] [jsonfolder]
  • regenerate texture mappings: /debug generatetexturemapping [albedo] [emissive] [normal] [height] [json]

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