Cross Summoner R Tier List – Top characters that you can pick and others to avoid

cross summoner r tier list

Last Updated on 8 November, 2022

Cross Summoner R Tier List – Best characters to pick ranked from best to worst (Tier S to Tier C)

Have you tried Cross Summoner R, a new gacha game from Dharma Network Limited (HK? Yes? Then you definitely have a chance to take a look at the characters in the game. If so, you should also have a starting lineup for missions and main quests.

So, which characters are you best to pick to start leveling up, and which ones might just be wasting your time and resources? If you’re dealing with a similar problem, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a ranking of the best characters in Cross Summoner R.

Cross Summoner R Tier List

Tier S

Characters at the top of the Cross Summoner R Tier List are considered OP. They have a lot of health and are very strong, allowing them to take a lot of damage before dying. They also have some powerful abilities that allow them to deal a lot of damage or heal themselves (or both!). You should always try to keep at least one S-rank character alive on your team.

  • Alwin
  • Asuka
  • Bormea
  • Luschut
  • Sassafras
  • Rubiera
  • Siza


Asuka’s character and unit strength defy measurement. Her mastery of damage over time and immediate damage makes her impossible to understand. Asuka is a universal DPS character with the ability to single-handedly defeat entire enemy crowds.

She has the ability to deal powerful damage that can destroy entire enemy armies. In combat, Asuka weakens and demoralizes her opponents rather than simply attacking them. This helps other members of her team deal additional damage.

Get the best Cross Summoner R version of Asuka when you choose her for your project.


This character is one of the best for solo combat due to their quick, powerful attacks. Because she quickly regains her energy, Laila is an excellent pick for your team. She can keep fighting for the entire fight while using auto-attacks to damage multiple characters on her team.

Tier A

While most S-list characters outmatch A-tier characters in terms of power, these characters are still tough and powerful. They lack the additional power needed to achieve the same level as the higher-ranked characters. All A-tier characters are just as cool as their higher-ranking counterparts.

  • Arik
  • Brazos
  • Irina
  • Mira
  • Rabad
  • Keim ‧ Black Flame Lord
  • Reid
  • Rill
  • Victor
  • Rorche
  • Saizou
  • Scherzo
  • Sharifah


Arik is effective at defeating large crowds of enemies. She can easily separate enemies from one another through her accurate, precise attacks. A major disadvantage of the character is that she can’t handle solo combat; she needs support. When paired with a supportive party member, she reveals her true power. The strength of this character is her ability to damage and immobilize opponents with a knockout charge. Acquiring this power requires considerable effort, however.


Rabad is one of the best tanks to have in every squad if you want to win the game. He’s because he has self-buffing and capping power that makes him great at crippling the enemy and increasing his own resistance. At once, the guardian’s guardian can disable multiple enemies or stun one enemy. He also has the power to decrease enemies’ movement speed and make their attacks ineffective by applying area debuffs.

Tier B

Any group that starts out the game with characters from this list appear strong and reliable to a new player. However, this strength soon dissipates as players face the last few bosses of the game. These guardians lack the strength to be called strong in any meaningful sense. Instead, they are best suited for new players who seek a calm and easy introduction to the game.

  • Jack
  • Johann
  • Karen
  • Lamia
  • Luna
  • Matoi
  • Rasheed
  • Ruzha
  • Verginita
  • Yuugiri


Any discussion about Jack must include his impressive healing abilities. His ability to constantly maintain full health makes him an invaluable member of the battle team. However, Jack’s abilities don’t stop there— he also buffs the entire party’s stats when he’s on the battlefield. He gives buffs to an ally and boosts their attack power. In addition, he has a passive ability that continuously heals him at the cost of its target’s damage taken. This effect usually occurs most of the time due to his healing nature.


She’s a decent support character with small range for damaging enemies. She can disable an enemy unit for 6 seconds, making them harmless— which prevents them from attacking you. Her powerful crowd control abilities allow her to easily annihilate smaller enemies. She also presents a significant problem as she fights alone. However, a strong lineup of guardians can overcome her power.

Tier C

Avoid characters that fall at the bottom of the Cross Summoner R Tier list because they are underpowered and provide no benefit. Instead, choose characters higher on the list that provide better performance.

  • Eris
  • Fortis
  • Mooc
  • Leicester
  • Lyrica
  • Momohime


Despite appearing as the main character, this person is of little use during combat. They rarely deal any damage or heal the team; they’re also a tank. You shouldn’t keep this character around— they’re even weirder than it sounds. Avoid him at all costs.

Cross Summoner R Final Conclusions

A team’s lineup can create synergy and provide added value. Every guardian has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when forming a team.

With the help of this Cross Summoner R rankings list, you can decide which character to level up or put on your wish list. This is because we hope this has helped you decide which character you should care about.

Until next time!

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